3 Benefits of AquaShape® Water-Assisted Liposuction
close up of a woman's hand grabbing the Unwanted fat on her waist

AquaShape® water-assisted liposuction is a revolutionary method of body contouring that removes fat cells from targeted areas with optimal results and minimal recovery time. Using a controlled water spray, the procedure separates fat cells from surrounding tissue for easier removal, even in larger-volume areas. If you’re considering body contouring, here are three benefits of AquaShape® water-assisted liposuction.

1. Minimal Downtime

Water-assisted liposuction’s advanced fat removal process causes minimal trauma to surrounding tissue, resulting in very little bruising or swelling. As opposed to traditional liposuction, which typically requires a week or more of recovery, AquaShape® patients usually only need one or two days of downtime. That means you could book the procedure at the start of your weekend and be back on your feet in time for the workweek.

2. Local Anesthesia Only

Because of the gentle nature of AquaShape® water-assisted liposuction, most patients only require local anesthesia. Some patients can even drive themselves home afterward. The absence of general anesthesia means a much lower risk of complications overall, and is just one of the reasons why AquaShape® water-assisted liposuction is better.

3. Superior Contouring

Because AquaShape® liposuction uses specially designed suction tubes to carefully remove targeted areas of fat, I can sculpt just the right body proportions to meet your cosmetic goals with a much finer touch. This makes it much easier to treat areas that are normally more challenging for addressing with traditional liposuction, and the added precision means superior body contouring results for a new look you’ll love.

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