3 Reasons Fat Transfer Could Revolutionize Cosmetic Surgery

Doctor’s gloved hands framing the face of a young woman

When we imagine possible procedures to erase our signs of aging, the first ones that pop into our heads are usually a facelift or BOTOX® injections. We don’t typically imagine injecting fat into our bodies to smooth out our contours, but the benefits of fat transfer can include reduced signs of aging and adding a younger appearance to our skin. Yet, fat transfer has a few benefits that just might change the face of cosmetic surgery as we know it.

1. It’s a Safe and Natural Alternative

Unlike synthetic fillers, fat transfer is completely natural. Our bodies like our fat (as many of us know all too well!) so injecting fat doesn’t carry the same degree of risks or complications that using other fillers could. There’s also no risk of allergic reactions, since the fat cells are taken from your own body. If you are considering this cosmetic surgery you should take all this into account.

2. Reduction of Fat in Other Areas

That fat has to come from somewhere, and where better than the stubborn areas that make you self-conscious? Since fat transfer starts out with performing liposuction, fat can be removed from your problem areas to tighten up your contours in ways that make you feel sexy and sleek. Then, that volume can be used to plump up other areas you’d like to see a little fuller, like your cheeks.

3. Fat Transfer Can Be Done With Other Procedures

Transferring fat from one area to another can be used a number of ways to enhance your appearance. Whether your hands need rejuvenating or your face is looking gaunt, fat transfer can easily be combined with a number of different treatments for even more impressive results.

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