3 Reasons that AquaShape® Lipo Can Be a Great Choice for Men
young man taking a selfie while drinking coffee

Though cosmetic surgery (and liposuction in particular) aren’t typically thought of as concerns for males, more and more men are taking the plunge and enjoying the benefits that body contouring can offer.

Men get stubborn fat deposits just as women do, making liposuction for men a growing trend in the plastic surgery world. But sometimes, men will have different goals for their procedures than women—in cases like these, AquaShape® lipo can provide the rugged contours that many men seek.

1. Better Discretion

Despite the rise of plastic surgery for men, there’s no denying that there’s a stigma associated with men’s cosmetic surgery. Water-assisted fat reduction leaves a smaller scar than other types of lipo, allowing you to keep your procedure under wraps, as it were. Nobody has to know that you’ve had liposuction unless you want them to.

2. Less Recovery Time

This point may be of particular interest for the men who work physically demanding jobs and can’t afford to be laid up for too long. The nature of AquaShape® liposuction creates results that are less traumatic to the surrounding tissue than traditional lipo. This translates into less bruising, swelling, and a quicker recovery period, allowing you to get back on your feet and return to work without the longer downtime associated with traditional lipo.

3. More Definition

But most men don’t just want to lose fat, they want to have some eye-catching muscular definition. While traditional liposuction may achieve this, the finely-controllable nature of AquaShape™ lipo is much better at producing results that are sculpted to the contours of your muscles. For men who want to achieve the hard body and self-confidence that comes with a dynamite physique, water-assisted lipo may be the answer you’re looking for.

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