3 Reasons to Include a Breast Lift with Your Mommy Makeover

smiling young woman pointing to her breasts, wearing a pink bodice, pink background

No matter how much you love your kids, no one’s a fan of the flatter, sagging breasts that typically result from pregnancy and nursing. While many women turn toward breast implants as part of their mommy makeover in the hopes that they can regain their former curves, there are a few reasons that including a breast lift might be even better.

1. Combat Deflation

It’s not unusual for breasts to take on a deflated appearance after breastfeeding, or even after pregnancy on its own. It’s only natural to assume that implants can help restore this volume loss, but your new breast shape is often due just as much to a shift in position and placement as a change in size. A breast lift raises and reshapes the breast to restore a fuller, shapelier contour again.

2. Recover Your Youth

Okay, a breast lift won’t actually make you younger, but it can sure take a few years off your figure. Younger women tend to have high, firm, perky breasts that—in response to gravity and age-related changes in the body—migrate downward over time. This process can be further helped along by changes in breast tissue that occur during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Since a breast lift restores a more upright profile to your breasts, you’ll enjoy a younger-looking silhouette after your mommy makeover when a lift is included.

3. Improve More than Size

Beautiful breast appearance is about more than your cup size. The aesthetic ideal includes qualities like a high placement, a central position on your chest and firm texture. Breast implants may add a little firmness, but including a breast lift too means delivering the whole package: full, high breasts that look and feel fantastic.

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