3 Times a Breast Lift Can Make Your Implants Look Even Better

hands measuring the breasts of a young woman with a centimeter

In the wide world of breast enhancement, breast implants remain the most common way women enhance their figure. Yet, while breast implants can increase your cup size, there are a few times when even your simple augmentation needs a boost.

1. Your Breasts Look Saggy or Deflated

  • Implants can be great to add cleavage and fill out your lingerie, but they won’t help any sagging issues that may be bringing you down. In fact, implants can actually make sagging worse. For the best results, women with breasts that have started a downward migration should order breast implants with a lift on the side.

2. If Your Nipples Point Completely Downward

While breast implants can’t do anything to change the direction your nipples face, a breast lift sure can. By restructuring the ligaments and tissue underneath the skin, your surgeon can give your breasts a fuller, perkier look along with nipple placement that you’re comfortable with. If enlarged areolas are a concern for you, they can be resized at the same time as your breast lift as well.

3. Your Nipples Fall below the Inframammary Fold

Technically, the inframammary fold is the crease where the lower part of your breast meets your torso, but in practice, this handy line is often used as an anatomic benchmark to judge how much sag your breasts have. If your nipples fall below this line, you likely have a noticeable amount of drooping in your breasts that could be resolved with a breast lift.

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