3 Times You Might Consider a Breast Lift

Woman pushing her breasts up with her hands, wearing a blue dress

While women looking to improve their breast appearance often default to breast implants as their main option, a breast lift can offer some distinct benefits for meeting your cosmetic needs instead. If breasts look droopy, or have loose skin or off-center nipples, a breast lift can be just what the doctor ordered to restore a more youthful look to your figure. Read on for the three best times to consider a breast lift.

1. After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and nursing commonly cause the breasts to sag. Sagging, otherwise known as ptosis, is far from the firm, perky look that most women hold as their breast appearance ideal. Following pregnancy, women should check out the benefits of a breast lift to bump back their pre-pregnancy bust line to a profile that’s sure to turn heads again.

2. After Weight Loss

A great way to fine-tune your post-weight loss figure is to provide a little extra support for your breasts. Weight loss can have a significant affect on breast position, since breasts often lose some volume along with the rest of your body. This downward slump can even cause your nipples to point south, a telltale sign of needing a breast lift.

When signs of aging begin to affect the breasts, they can take on a deflated appearance. To resolve this, some women undergo a breast lift combined with implants. While a breast lift can raise the breasts to a perkier position and reposition the nipples, implants can restore lost volume, providing an all-around improved breast appearance.

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