4 Insider Recovery Tips to Follow after Your Mommy Makeover

Mom and son, walking outdoors, looking each other and smiling

As excited as many women are to see their final results after a mommy makeover, the in-between time can feel like it’s taking forever, especially with multiple procedures having taken place. Armed with the right attitude and these four handy insider tips for the best mommy makeover recovery, though, waiting for your new look might not like such a long wait after all.

1. Stock Up on Frozen Veggies

Ice packs can help reduce swelling and keep discomfort under control, but (believe it or not) using frozen bags of veggies instead can be way more comfortable on your new curves. Load up before your surgery so you can “veggie up” as soon as you get home. Ice your treatment areas regularly and change out veggie packs as needed.

2. Swipe Your Husband’s Button-Up Shirts

You might assume that baggy T-shirts are the perfect post-surgery clothing, but keep in mind that pulling shirts overhead is probably right up there on the list of least fun things to try immediately after your mommy makeover. Instead, grab loose, cotton button-up shirts to wear for at least the first week or two.

3. Take a Walk

Patients should probably stay close to bed for the first day or two after surgery, but once you’re able to move around comfortably, get off your duff and start walking! Walking daily, even if it’s only around the house, increases blood flow that can help with a speedy recovery.

4. Follow Post-Operative Instructions

It may go without saying, but following your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions is the best way to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery. If you’re unsure about anything, from types of activity you can participate in to medications you can take, don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon for clarification.

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