4 Reasons Combining a Lift with Your Breast Implants Could Mean the Best Results

Woman pushing her breasts up with her hands, wearing a blue dress

Feeling unhappy with your breasts is common for many women, whether you think your cup size isn’t flattering for your frame, or your figure has started to sag. If this sounds like you, there are four reasons why combining a breast lift with implants can give you results that bring out the best in both procedures—as well as bringing out the best in your breasts.

1. Adding Size and Changing Placement

Breast implants are great if all you’re looking for is a bigger bust size, but adding a lift can offer advantages not found from an augmentation alone. A lift can change the placement of your breasts on the chest wall, raising them higher and giving them a perkier appearance.

2. Firmer Texture and Fixing the “Deflated” Appearance

For women unhappy with the amount of sagging that they’re experiencing, a combination breast augmentation surgery plus lift can provide a boost in more ways than one. Adding implants increases volume and fixes the deflated appearance that’s commonly shows up after pregnancy or weight loss, while the lift can help firm up the breast tissue to produce results that look and feel natural.

3. One Appointment, One Recovery

Nobody gets excited at the prospect of recovering from surgery, and combing procedures can help reduce recovery time and get you back on your feet sooner. Having two procedures at once means only one appointment with one recovery session to worry about.

4. Less Scarring and a Quicker Recovery

When you combine a breast lift with implants, your surgeon will typically need to remove less skin than if you had the lift alone. The excess skin can first be filled out with implants, so you can heal more quickly and enjoy your new look even sooner.

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