4 Reasons to Consider Nose Surgery
Amazed woman looking at her shiners in a mirror

Is your lack of the perfect Roman profile or cute little button nose dealing a serious blow to your self-confidence? There are four reasons why you may want to consider a nose job, more officially referred to as cosmetic nose surgery.

They’re All Looking at You

While people don’t focus on the shape of your nose when looking at your face, the nose is your central facial feature, so its appearance definitely affects your facial proportions. When those proportions are off, folks are bound to notice.

Due to the frustrating ease with which people are able to spot imperfections in your face, cosmetic nose surgery can be a complex procedure requiring a high amount of finesse to pull off effectively.

You’re Feeling Bent Out of Shape

Similar to having proportions that are out of whack, a crooked nose may be something you’ve noticed people spend an obnoxious amount of time focusing on. If you believe your nose could use a little fine-tuning, rhinoplasty may give you the elegant symmetry that people will stare at for the right reasons.

Noisy Breathing

A deviated septum occurs when your nasal cartilage is misaligned, causing difficulty breathing, even while sleeping. Snoring can be related to having a deviated septum, too. If you (or your bedmate) suffer from chronic sleep deprivation due to noisy breathing, rhinoplasty can get you back to sleeping normally again.

You’re Ready to Move On

Accidents can happen to anyone, and sometimes those accidents hit you smack in middle of your face. If you have an old an injury that’s seriously screwed up your nose, you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty to correct the damage and move on from the past.

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