AquaShape or CoolSculpting: Which Is Right For You?

Doctor’s hands marking with arrows and dotted lines, the abdomen of a man prior to surgery

While there are plenty of liposuction treatments out there that can provide dramatic contouring, no two are exactly the same. Knowing the ins and outs of each procedure can help keep you informed as you make the decision about which type of lipo will best meet your needs.

Let’s compare two popular body contouring procedures that can both produce excellent results: AquaShape vs. CoolSculpting®.


AquaShape lipo involves the use of a water jet to separate fat cells from other tissue, making them easy to remove via suction.

  • Efficacy: AquaShape lipo can deliver comprehensive sculpting that involves removal of unwanted fat tissue as well as enhanced cosmetic contouring. With the right dietary control and weight maintenance, the results offered by AquaShape can last a lifetime.
  • Invasiveness: AquaShape does require small incisions at the procedure site, meaning that you’ll need to be put under anesthesia. AquaShape is the more invasive of the two options, but also provides more dramatic results.
  • Recovery: While this treatment usually requires less downtime than traditional tumescent liposuction, patients should plan for several days of recovery time.


CoolSculpting® works through localized freezing of unwanted fat cells without the need for incisions or anesthesia.

  • Efficacy: CoolSculpting® can be a good choice for touching up smaller problem areas. It is not meant for more significant body contouring results.
  • Invasiveness: CoolSculpting® is performed without incisions or anesthesia. It’s minimally invasive but does take roughly an hour to perform on each targeted treatment area.
  • Recovery: There is no downtime associated with CoolSculpting®.

While CoolSculpting® is a less invasive body contouring procedure, it also cannot achieve the dramatic sculpting and highly refined contouring that AquaShape delivers.

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