A Beautiful Face Profile Without Surgery!

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Now there is a better way to define the jawline without surgery. Using non-invasive (injectable, not cutting) techniques the jawline can be reshaped without a facelift and without a chin implant. Nothing artificial, no scar.

How is it done?

This non-invasive jawline procedure is a shaping technique: the fatty tissue under the chin is removed and chin and jawline are refined by fat grafting. Think of it like three-dimensional makeup: highlights and lowlights to define features! Unlike fillers the results last for many years, don’t need maintenance and can be done without general anesthesia.

Who is having this non-invasive jawline procedure?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons last year chin enhancement procedures are up 71% to 20,680 operations. This non-invasive solution doesn’t require cutting and doesn’t leave scars but gives great results. A sculpted jawline is beautiful and is shown in the after picture with the head turned to the side. A chin implant can extend the chin forward but the secret is the jawline contour. A strong defined jawline that creates a strong shadow that gives a visual separation from the face to the neck.

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