Why Breast Implants Look Unnatural
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The Way to Look Natural After an Implant

Fact #1: For women considering breast implants, the greatest fear is looking unnatural or being too big.

Fact #2: Most common reason for a second unplanned surgery is because the implant size is not right.

It’s not hard to see women who have had Charlotte breast augmentation that look unnatural or whose breast implants announce them before they walk into a room. While men and some women might think that women choose breast augmentation because they want to look this way, nothing could be more untrue.

The truth is that the strong majority of women considering breast augmentation are afraid of looking unnatural or being too big. So this leads to two questions:
1. Why do so many women look unnatural with breast implants?
2. How can you be sure to get the size right, to have natural looking breasts after augmentation?

Why do so many women look unnatural with breast implants?

Simply, the breast implant selected did not “fit” the breast. No one implant is right for every woman. Ask yourself, do you have a wide or narrow chest? Do the nipples point straight or out or down? Is one breast bigger or a different shape than the other? Are the breasts close together or is there a wide space between the breasts with no cleavage? If all these individual anatomical details are ignored, how can the breast implants possibly look natural? Think about shopping for a dress; would you just buy something that looked pretty on the hanger, or would you have to try it on to see how it looked on you? For the majority of women, the plastic surgeon picks the implant in the operating , when you are asleep. This is not a reliable method to “get the size right.” Though this is how surgeons are taught to “pick the size.” How often have you heard in consultation “what size would you like to be? Not sure? I think a C cup would be good.” What is a C-cup to the surgeon, or what looks good in the operating room with you asleep, may be far from what you imagined your new breast to look like.

How can you be sure to get the size right, and have natural looking breasts after breast augmentation?

Listening and custom sizing is the answer. Every woman, even if she has always been small, knows what feels right. Given the chance to see and feel how her breast might be with implants, is a very reliable method to “get the size right the first time.” The belief that a woman does not know what size she wants is a myth. Every woman I have treated can tell me what size feels right, before breast augmentation. It takes listening. Even when the breast has changed over time, a woman knows what is “the right size” for her body.

Custom sizing is a predictable approach to combine what a woman knows feels right with her body and shape. Measurements and photographs are taken to identify details and asymmetries. A plan for the “ideal” implant is made and translated to a selection of implants that “fit” that woman’s breasts. This process always takes two “fittings” and sometimes three fittings.
The custom sizing requires extensive experience with different implants, different sizes and shapes. But like a made to measure dress, at the completion of the process, the plan will essentially guarantee a “natural breast.”

Reliability in Custom Sizing  

How reliable is this approach? Women who have experienced this approach say that the custom sizing is a very accurate predictor of the final outcome. Rather than feeling that “I could have been just a little larger,” what women now say is “the size is perfect.” No woman has had a second unplanned operation, because the size was not right.

Custom sizing can predictably deliver that beautiful and natural breast augmentation.

Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim is more than a credentialed plastic surgeon. He is a sensitive and experienced professional whose focus is always to help his patient feel more beautiful and confident. Learn more about Dr. Ditesheim and read Dr. Ditesheim’s patient reviews.

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