Do Your Breast Implants Need a Boost?
Doctor showing an implant to a woman

Whether you’re a woman who has enjoyed the benefits of breast implants or somebody still happy with what nature gave you, it’s possible that you’ve noticed that your breasts don’t look quite the way they used to.

Gravity affects us all at some point, and breasts are just one area of the body where this is seen more than others. This is just as true for augmented breasts as it is for those women who are all-natural. All hope isn’t lost though, as cosmetic procedures exist to boost your breasts back up to where they were in your younger years.

Perking Up Your Profile

Breast implants alone are great if you’re just looking to fill out your bikini, but if you want to bring some perkiness back to the equation, you might want to consider a breast lift. A breast lift, or mastopexy, reshapes your natural breast tissue and tightens the skin and supportive ligaments for that a look that’s more front-and-center. This procedure can be performed without affecting your existing implants.

If you haven’t undergone any previous breast enhancement, performing these procedures together can allow your surgeon to better customize your breast augmentation with gummy bear implants for a youthful, flattering final result.

Am I a Candidate?

It depends on your goals. Women who are happy enough with their cup size but feel brought down by a little bit of sagginess will benefit most from a lift. And, while existing breast implants won’t do a thing to help droopiness, if you’re one of the many women unhappy with both the size and sag of her current breasts, combining a lift with an augmentation can give you a new look you’ll love.

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