Fat Grafting for Hand Rejuvenation: A Natural Anti-Aging Solution
Man's face receiving Botox Treatment on his cheek

While grey hair or deepening facial wrinkles might be the first signs you associate with growing older, the hands, too, can be a major betrayer of your chronological age. Hand-related anti-aging rejuvenation treatments can help you look more vibrant and refreshed, just like the similar treatments used for your face.

What Is Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation involves the injection of fillers into the backs of the hands along with resurfacing to diminish age spots. However, unlike fillers that are injected into facial lines, the injections – in this case, fat from the patient’s body – are distributed throughout the hands, plumping them back to more youthful contours.

Fat grafting can act as one of the most effective, organic and natural techniques for hand rejuvenation, along with offering the added perk of helping reduce stubborn pockets of fat from elsewhere on the body.

Fat grafting offers several advantages over synthetic dermal fillers, namely the fact that the body will not reject its own fat, so concerns over allergic reactions or similar risks are mitigated.

In combination with filling out the contours of gaunt hands, surface treatments can be included as part of hand rejuvenation as well to reduce the appearance of sun spots, freckles and other age-related pigmentation problems. The final result is hands that look smoother, younger and more elegant.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Like every cosmetic procedure, hand rejuvenation isn’t right for everyone. However, if you’re starting to feel like your hands look way too old for the rest of you, it’s a pretty good bet you’ll be thrilled with the results that fat grafting can deliver for hand rejuvenation.

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