Gynecomastia Surgery with Aquashape Liposcuction
Man's chest before and after gynecomastia, left angle

Gynecomastia Surgery with Aquashape liposuction restores a masculine chest shape with no visible chest scar.

“I would never take off my shirt in public”. This man hid his chest for 15 years, because of gynecomastia or male breasts. In a 90 minute awake procedure, the “male breasts” were permanently removed with Aquashape liposuction. The only gynecomastia scar was a 5mm skin slit in each armpit. For comfort he took Xanax and Percocet before the procedure. Gynecomastia Recovery: He returned to work Monday after a Thursday surgery (4 days). He wore a compression shirt for 6 weeks ( to minimize swelling). He used some pain medicine for 4 days. Gynecomastia surgery does not have to be scary if you find the right surgeon in Charlotte.

Aquashape Liposuction is a gentle type of liposuction that uses a pulsing water jet. First the tumescent or numbing solution is infused over the chest. Second, the water jet simultaneously loosens fat and suction removes the fat or fatty breast tissue permanently. Liposuction is the preferred approach for boys or men with fatty type breast tissue and for pseudo-gynecomastia ( a form of gynecomastia caused by fatty tissue overgrowth, usually in men over 40).

41 6’0″ 205lb Pseudo-gynecomastia treatment ( later onset of male breasts usually caused by fatty tissue) before and 6 months after Gynecomastia treatment with Aquashape Liposuction.

What are the advantages of Gynecomastia Surgery with Aquashape Liposuction?

1, No general anesthesia required

2. Quicker Recovery

3. No chest scar.

The gentle injection of tumescent solution very quickly creates an anesthetic area over the chest. Gynecomasta surgery with Aquashape liposuction is performed awake for over 90% of boys and men.

Recovery is quicker when the chest tissues have not been surgically disrupted. Liposuction removes fat with very small tunnels using a small caliber tube. By not creating large “spaces” the tissue planes are not disrupted. No drain is required and the recovery is quicker.

Only a very small scar, really a skin-slit ( 5mm) in the hair of the armpit is needed to use the liposuction cannula. Treating gynecomastia with Aquashape (Water) liposuction, there is no scar visible on the chest.

The often puffy areola ( pink) skin shrinks up, so no skin is removed. The improved chest shape is immediate.

Aquashape or Water-assisted liposuction is a gentle liposuction technique that removes fatty and breast tissue through a small diameter cannula or tube. There is less bruising, and sensation is preserved. Dr. Ditesheim has perfected this technique of Gynecomastia Surgery with Aquashape liposuction over 10 years.

Can Glandular tissue be removed with Aquashape Liposuction?

No. It is quite common after Gynecomastia Treatment with Aquashape or other liposuction technique to still feel a hard knot under the nipple. This resistant, hard knot ( similar to an acorn or sometimes a golf ball) is glandular breast tissue. Glandular tissue requires surgical excision with an incision just below the nipple. The glandular tissue is removed at the same surgical procedure. Other types of liposuction including Vaser Liposution (VaserLipo) or Power Liposuction also cannot remove glandular breast tissue.

Is it easy to know before surgery if the gynecomastia is glandular or fatty?

No. Most male breasts feel firm to examination. It is difficult to predict if the breast tissue will be fatty or glandular. The advantage of gynecomastia treatment with Aquashape liposuction is that liposuction very effectively numbs the chest. Second, the periphery of the male breast may be fatty tissue. Liposuction can reduce the size of the male breast, leaving only a small glandular component to need surgical excision. Less surgical dissection means less recovery.

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Dr. Ditesheim is an expert in the treatment of gynecomastia. He has experience with Aquashape (Water) Liposution in over 1000 patients over 12 years. Using his experience with Aquashape liposuction, he designed the procedure to treat gynecomastia under local anesthesia, permitting a quicker recovery, no need for general anesthesia.


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