How Should You Choose Your New Nose Shape?

Amazed woman looking at her shiners in a mirror

Let’s face it—sometimes, it can be hard to settle for the hand that genetics dealt you. Many patients who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their nose are turning to cosmetic enhancement in search of the elegant contours and symmetry that we all crave.

But facial profiling can be complicated. How can you be sure your new nose shape will give you the look you want?

Rhinoplasty Options

There are few features that define our faces as much as our nose. Elegantly shaped noses don’t draw much attention, but a nose that is bulbous, too large for your face or asymmetrical can throw off the entire aesthetic of your facial profile.

Nose reshaping surgery, or rhinoplasty, is usually done with the goals of improving nasal symmetry, altering the shape, smoothing out bumps or changing the angle of the nasal tip. With so many variables to adjust, it can be tricky to know which adjustments will give you the nasal shape that best complements your face.

Computerized Morphing

While computerized morphing sounds like something out of science fiction, there’s nothing fictional about its effectiveness. Computerized morphing can offer a clear, digital visualization of how potential rhinoplasty options may look before your procedure.

This technique is performed with a series of facial photos uploaded into a computer program. From there, your surgeon can “morph” the visual appearance of your digital profile and demonstrate how various nasal adjustments may look. Many patients have found this option tremendously beneficial for helping conceptualize how different nose shapes can affect their overall appearance.

Cosmetically adjusting your nasal appearance is a delicate procedure, so it’s in your best interest to review all of your options with your surgeon and determine what cosmetic changes will best meet your needs.

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