I have always had a large chest…

Young woman measuring her breast with a centimeter, light blue background

I had always been self conscious about my breast size—not to mention the effect it had on my wardrobe possibilities and physical activities. Physically, I felt uncomfortable and was sometimes even in pain because of the size of my breasts. Emotionally, I was self-conscious.

Now that I was getting married, I wanted to look and FEEL my best on my wedding day, I wanted to feel beautiful in my wedding gown and choose a gown that I truly loved—not just the gown that minimized my breasts.

Making the decision to have a breast reduction with Dr. Ditesheim was instrumental in making my wedding day everything I had dreamed of. Not only that—the results are permanent! I felt beautiful and confident on my wedding day- and every day since the surgery.


Procedure that Kourtney had with Dr. Ditesheim: Breast Reduction

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