If Diets Don’t Work, What about Lipo?
Approach of a broccoli on plate, and behind a young girl with disgust face

It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again: a dieter, filled with motivation and energy, begins a weight loss program designed to shrink his or her body and finally get healthier. And maybe it works for a while, but after enough time passes and the motivation disappears, the dieter resumes old habits and regains all of the weight that was such hard work to lose.

Yo-yo dieting is an epidemic in our society, made all the worse by the fact that being in a constant flux of weight loss and weight gain is seriously traumatic to your body and cardiovascular health. The question then becomes, if dieting can’t shrink our bodies, what can?

The Lipo Alternative

The answer may come in the form of a simple cosmetic procedure: liposuction. As we age, our metabolism slows and our bodies begin to store more fat. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can change that fact. Liposuction provides a slimming alternative that can remove excess fat from your physique and shape up your contours when diet and exercise fall short.

Lipo offers a benefit not found by typical dieting means: the ability to reduce the amount of fat on your body from exactly where you want. Instead of decreasing your caloric intake to shrink your fat stores, you’re shrinking the storage site altogether. Although liposuction isn’t a solution for losing a lot of weight, it’s ideal for getting rid of those problem spots that diet and exercise tend to leave behind, like the love handles or a double chin.

If you’ve tried dieting and exercise and seen the numbers drop on the scale only to find that your body shape hasn’t shaped up nearly as much as you’d like, liposuction can reshape your contours for long-lasting results.

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