What you need to know about Injectables Part 3: Fat Grafting

Man's face receiving Botox Treatment on his cheek

After looking at the uses of Botox and injectable fillers to correct distinct changes that often come with age, we come to a third option to consider – fat grafting. I know…who wants to talk about fat? But fat grafting really is the best of both worlds: remove stubborn fat where you don’t want it and use it to “fill in” lost volume.

Nothing Could be More Natural

It sounds a little science fiction like to take fat out of your tummy or buttocks and put it in your face, but it works. There is actually no more “natural” filling we could use. It’s all organic to you so there is no risk of rejection.

Like planting seeds, not all the seeds need to live, but the ones that do grow stay forever. Even better, the grafted fat even improves the skin quality unlike anything else known. Just think: a proven, natural solution to aging that actually can make you look better or younger. It’s the only “magic” that we have that truly “restores” what is missing.

Risks of Fat Grafting

Is it too good to be true? Not at all! The tremendous results of the fat grafting procedure are real and proven. But there are risks you need to consider:

Adverse Reactions Are Permanent

If the fillers are injected in the wrong place there could be real damage resulting in skin loss or even blindness. This is not a “procedure” you want just anyone doing. Adverse complications from having fillers injected improperly are permanent! Even though spas, salons, other places offer fillers, this is your only face so treat it like gold. I have seen heartbreaking stories of people who have been permanently scarred or disfigured in an effort to save a few bucks.

Experience is Important

Even more critical than for Botox, only go to an experienced, board certified cosmetic physician for filler injections. Not all plastic surgeons do injections themselves. Many doctors will delegate that service to their staff but I choose to perform this type of procedure myself. If it was for my own face, I would only want the experienced doctor.

Beware the “Tragic Trifecta”

I encourage you to be an educated consumer. Fillers are being injected every day by inexperienced technicians. This can be very dangerous and you could easily be a victim of haste and inexperience.

All too often, a medspa patron can be enjoying a massage or facial and the esthetician suggests a filler injection. They like the service they have received at the medspa and notice that the price is lower than expected, so they agree. They often don’t ask who is doing the injection or if that person is a doctor. They rarely think to ask if the filler is being injected “off-label.” This simply means that the filler will be injected in a part of the face for which the company has no approval. This introduces even greater risk! This is the “tragic trifecta”: cheap price, non-MD injector, off-label treatment.

Now You Are the Educated Consumer

So now you know what you need to know to make smart decisions about Injectables options. Botox, fillers and face fat grafting are excellent non-surgical solutions to early aging changes in the face. Botox can erase lines and lift the brows. Fillers can plump up the skin or fill wrinkles. Fat grafts are natural seeds that can permanently replace lost volume and improve skin.

Don’t trust your most important asset, your face, to inexperienced hands. The consequences could be tragic. Find an experienced plastic surgeon to do your injections. Discuss your concerns and frustrations to develop a plan that is right for you. You may find that the customized plan even costs less than what you might have been sold at the spa. Whatever you spend, you will be comforted to be in expert hands with a professional who cares about your treatment and is committed to provide only the best care. The small difference you pay for expert care will be more than “worth it” because you are worth it.


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