Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat with Aquashape

close up of a woman's hand grabbing the Unwanted fat on her waist

AquaShape: a revolutionary approach to fat removal and body shaping

No matter how much you exercise, that youthful body gets more and more disguised every day. Beneath the muffin top, love handles and poochy tummy is the body you once had or dreamt you had. As you get older, despite exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the pockets of stubborn fat just don’t go away. Doctors may tell you that the stubborn fat is genetic, but who wants to hear that; tell that to the saleswoman who suggests the next double-digit size! Using AquaShape, a precisely controlled, FDA-cleared, patented process it is now possible to remove stubborn fat permanently. The fat cells removed DO NOT COME BACK. This new AquaShape technology harnesses the flow of water to gently dislodge and remove fat you never thought you would get rid of.

Lasting Results and Minimal Downtime

AquaShape is a revolutionary approach to fat removal and body shaping. Using the pulsating action of a controlled water spray, the fat cells are first separated from the surrounding normal tissues and then removed from the body permanently. The AquaShape wand is placed under the surface through a small slit in the skin. The movement of the wand is gentle and delicate. Because the water has already freed the stubborn fat, no energy is needed to remove the fat from the body. Less trauma to the body means minimal swelling, better aquashape results, and quicker, predictable recovery. In fact, the technique is so gentle that the harvested fat can be reused in reshaping the face (facial fat grafting), breasts (breast augmentation) or buttocks ( Brazilian Butt lift, buttock augmentation)

Lots of new plastic surgery procedures promise little downtime, but what results can you expect? Non-invasive technologies like CoolSculpting®, by freezing fat, reduces the absolute number of fat cells. But will a minimal change in the muffin top or a slightly smaller tummy be enough to get you feeling comfortable in a bikini?

More aggressive procedures that use laser to melt fat (Zerona®, SmartLipo®) can actually destroy other tissues in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. The heat from the laser does melt fat, but also requires more healing from the surrounding tissues. Think of the “heat” you feel with a sunburn, now image that on the inside layers. Other technologies that use high energy, like ultrasound (Vaser®) or radio-frequency energy (Tickle-lipo®) or even vibratory energy (traditional Power-Assisted Liposuction®) all remove fat cells, but are traumatic to the surrounding tissues and consequently require more healing time.

Better Than Liposuction

Compared with traditional liposuction, AquaShape has the following advantages:

  1. Less discomfort, less bruising: less traumatic to tissues.
  2. Less bloating, less swelling: efficient fluid management, no large fluid left behind.
  3. Smoother shaping results: Unlike techniques that are designed to remove fat (Coolsculpting®), AquaShape is a shaping technique, designed to refine better curves.
  4. Safer: By minimizing unnecessary trauma to normal tissues, the recovery is less, patients return to normal activities faster.
  5. Less Anesthesia: General anesthesia is not required, because AquaShape is a more gentle procedure, less anesthesia is required. Local anesthesia is an option; most patients will have some sedation, particularly for larger cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.
  6. Quick recovery: With less inflammation, most patients can return to work and daily activities within 1-3 days, and can return to the gym within 1-2weeks.

Remove the Fat and Get a Better Shape

Using the revolutionary AquaShape technology, it is now possible to sculpt the body to naturally remove stubborn fat areas: under arm bra roll, the muffin top, the tummy roll, the saddle-bags. For men, unwanted male breasts (gynecomastia) can be safely and permanently removed without a visible scar. Delicate areas like the inner thighs or arms are excellent for AquaShape’s gentle approach. Shaping of upper arms is now possible without the scars of a brachioplasty. Reshaping of the breasts either by reducing unwanted breast fatty tissue or by replacing lost upper pole volume can replace the need for breast reduction scars, breast implants or a mastopexy.

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