Should You Go Bigger with Your Breast Implants?
hands measuring the breasts of a young woman with a centimeter

One of the most common concerns of women considering a boost to their bust with breast augmentation in Charlotte is how big to go. While you probably don’t want to go too eye-poppingly huge, you also don’t want to regret not getting that extra oomph. Choosing your implant size can be a delicate process, but when you consider the factors below, you may gain some clarity on how big the perfect breast size is for you.

Natural Breast Size

Honoring your natural anatomy is one of the best ways to get the most out of your new figure. In general, women with very small breasts to start with will look better with modest implants. This is because the skin, tissue and muscle will need to stretch to accommodate the implant, making extra-large implant sizes a little too much to handle, at least at first. If you have naturally moderate to larger sized breasts, feel free to ask your surgeon if he or she would recommend extra-large implants.

Chest Width

Chest width also plays a role. Women with narrow chests can get great breast augmentation results with moderate sized implants because a smaller amount of volume will look bigger with a more narrow implant base. On the other hand, women with wider chests might get more bang for their buck with larger implants.


If you have a sporty lifestyle, you may prefer smaller implants that don’t get in the way as much as a DD cup would. However, if large breasts wouldn’t interfere with your lifestyle and you’ve got the natural anatomy to match, feel free to go for that bustier look.

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