Do you have a silent discomfort?
Woman comparing between Saline and Silicone Impants

We want you to feel beautiful.

We want you to love your breasts and your body, to feel pretty. Women who have frustration, anxiety or discomfort with their breasts live with that feeling everyday. Getting dressed, wearing stylish clothes, putting on a bathing suit create “silent discomfort”. This feeling, not known or obvious to others makes you feel unattractive or self-conscious. And if you don’t feel pretty, how could you expect to feel sexy or relaxed in an intimate setting?

Watching TV and reading fashion magazines, you would think every woman considering breast implants want to be unnaturally large and showy, as if that were the “magic” needed to be attractive. This sells magazines and generates great gossip. But ask yourself, would you rather be the woman everyone is pointing out on the beach or the one with who looks beautiful, confident that no one knows you ever had anything done? It doesn’t matter if you started with a padded A bra or lost volume or shape after pregnancies, you want to feel like a woman: pretty, sexy, attractive with feminine curves.

Though women tell each other to “be big enough”, getting implants that are too large or unnatural is probably the number one fear when women talk to me about implants and breast size. Sure, you want to be “perky, full, wear a strapless top, look great in a bikini,” but how big is big enough and when does “enhanced, full, round, curvy” become “unnatural, obnoxious or gross!” Just ask yourself, “do I buy a dress or shoes in the exact same size as my girlfriend?” Of course not, if you want the dress to flatter you, you get the right size and might even need some tailoring to make it look “natural”. In the end, you want the dress or top to make you look great, to make you feel pretty. Think of breast augmentation the same way. You want the implant that fits your chest, your breast and your body.

When you go to the salon, do you ask for the formula for the coloring, or how long the foils are going to stay on? No! If you are going to trust that “professional”, you want that person to understand you: who you are, what you want, what does a “better you” look like. If it is the first time, you need more time to know your options, think it through, know the cost in time and money. While you are asking yourself “what is best for me?” what you really want is a “better you” where the changes are invisible or so subtle that no one can tell. In plastic surgery, being able to customize the results requires surgical experience, listening and aesthetic judgment.

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