The Best Procedures to Include in a Mommy Makeover
Mother and two daughters smiling and hugging each other

Once you’ve completed your family, you may find yourself missing your pre-pregnancy figure. As rewarding as pregnancy and childbirth can be, a mommy makeover can provide a comprehensive cosmetic plan to help you regain a sexy silhouette again. Here are some of the most common procedures women often include in a mommy makeover.

Breast Enhancement

Pregnancy, nursing, age and weight fluctuations can all combine to affect the size, shape or placement of your breasts. Women seeking to regain a more youthful look or add a little extra boost to their cup size may be interested in breast augmentation, breast lifts or a combination of the two to create a perkier profile.

Tummy Tuck

After the expansion of the abdomen and stretching of the skin caused by pregnancy, many women find that a tummy tuck offers just the right solution to improve sagging skin and loose abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck can smooth your contours and repair your abdominals for a tighter, slimmer waistline.


While women should take care to reach their goal weight with diet and exercise first, liposuction can be an excellent method of finishing up the finer contouring where stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat remain. This procedure is most commonly performed on the stomach, thighs and love handles.

These are only some of the options that can be included in a mommy makeover. Most importantly, a mommy makeover should be customized for each individual patient. With the help of an experienced surgeon, you can choose the perfect combination of procedures to enhance your natural assets after pregnancy.

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