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High Definition Liposuction is an advanced approach to body sculpting. As you can see in before and after photos, High Definition Liposuction literally sculpts the body to create waist definition, defined curves and a flat tummy. Dr. Ditesheim's Ballantyne office is 13 minutes from Pineville and 34 minutes from Rock Hill SC.

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What is High Definition Liposuction?

Like a sculptor, the High Definition Liposuction procedure in Charlotte treats the body circumferentially.  The patient is turned during the procedure to define the waist and literally shape the body.  It would be impossible to “sculpt” if the subject is only in one position.  By removing the fatty tissue from different areas, the underlying anatomy can be defined. By understanding the anatomy three-dimensionally, the “frame,” the muscular definition can be uncovered to reveal natural curves.

Quick Facts


High Definition Liposuction can help slim down your abdomen, enhance the shape of your buttocks, remove bra rolls and muffin tops, and more.


Most patients need 7 to 10 days before resuming their regular routine after a High Definition Liposuction. Dr. Ditesheim may recommend avoiding strenuous activity for up to a month after surgery.


Depending on the patient, High Definition Liposuction cost will vary. Total cost will be determined during your consultations with Dr. Ditesheim.

"I now walk into a room with confidence on my face. I am pleased to get rid of the extra weight that I could not lose from diet and exercise."

Traditional vs. High Definition Liposuction

It is often confusing with all the different “types” of liposuction machines (Smart-Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo, Laser, lipo, Tickle Lipo, Power Lipo, Water-lipo) to wonder which is best.   It is also confusing to understand how High Definition Liposuction in Charlotte is different from traditional liposuction.  Simply, High Definition Liposuction is a completely different approach to liposuction.  Traditional liposuction removes fat.  Each “type” or machine uses some type of energy (heat, laser, ultrasonic, water-jet, vibration, nutational energy) to make it easier to mobilize and remove fat. Some work faster, some have more recovery. 

All “types” of liposuction have as the goal: fat removal.  High Definition Liposuction 360 is a sculpting approach, not a reductive procedure.  Fat is naturally layered on the body frame and muscles. The fatty tissue layer under the skin provides essential padding, but also defines curves. The High Definition liposuction approach starts with the end goal, the desired shape in mind at the beginning.  The approach is to start with the imagined result in mind and remove fat as needed to define the natural curves for each woman’s body. Applying this sculpting principle to surgery, the patient is treated in different positions (on the back, on the tummy, on the side) to continuously shape the body. Fat may be added (for example to the buttocks or breasts) to enhance shape.

High Definition Liposuction Candidates

You’re a good candidate for high definition liposuction if you want full-body results from a single procedure. You should also be at a stable weight, be a non-smoker, and have no contraindications for cosmetic surgery. In addition, it helps to have healthy skin and no underlying medical conditions that would increase your risk of complications.

What Happens During a High Definition Liposuction Procedure?

During a high definition liposuction procedure in Charlotte, fat is removed by inserting a cannula into a small incision in the treatment area. Rather than removing fat from the entire area, Dr. Ditesheim will strategically remove fat to reveal the desired shape. Depending on factors such as whether the procedure is paired with another surgery like a tummy tuck 360 and your personal preference, high definition liposuction can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Schedule a Consultation for High Definition Liposuction in Charlotte

Want to learn more about the dramatic results high definition liposuction in Charlotte can create for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim to learn more about this remarkable technique and to find out if you’re a good candidate for this or any other plastic surgery procedure. Call us or contact us online to start your journey to a perfectly contoured body.