Breast Procedure Pricing

Breast Augmentation

Pricing depends on complexity, breast asymmetry, and type of implant.

Breast Lift

Different types of lifts create different breast shape.

Breast Lift with Implants
Breast Reduction

Dr. D has expertise in minimal scar breast reduction- no horizontal scar.

Breast Implant Revision

Pricing depends on complexity of problem, leaking implant, scar tissue, and reshaping breasts.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

This procedure is usually part of a breast lift or breast augmentation procedure, not usually a standalone procedure.


Body Procedure Pricing


Pricing depends on awake or general anesthesia, number of areas, and the amount of fat removed.

Aquashape Liposuction

Dr. D has is an expert in Aquashape liposuction, having performed 1000 cases over 11 years. It is gentler, has a quick recovery, & no additional charge for this type of liposuction.


Pricing depends on the type of tummy tuck: mini-tuck, full tuck, tummy tightening, or extended tuck, and if liposuction is added.


Pricing depends on the combination of procedures: breast implants, breast lift, breast reduction; tummy tuck, liposuction, little or circumferential.


Face Procedure Pricing


Pricing depends on complexity and whether fat grafting is part of procedure.


Pricing depends on upper lids only or upper and lower lid lift and the complexity of the lower lid procedure.

Facial Fat

Pricing depends on the extent of fat grafting (local area or full face) and local or general anesthesia.


Pricing depends on the complexity, primary or secondary rhinoplasty, and whether breathing is a problem to address.


Botox Procedure Pricing


Pricing depends on promotional offers and seasonal specials.


Pricing depends on promotional offers and seasonal specials.


Men Procedure Pricing


The cost for most men is $6,950, procedure is 90 minutes. Lower cost if liposuction only (older man). Higher cost and longer procedure time if more complex with hanging skin or nipple reposition.


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