Plastic Surgery for Men in Charlotte

In recent years, more and more men have decided to undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery in order to enhance various parts of their body. Even if you are not completely sure what procedures will help you, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim is a great first step in discovering the possibilities of plastic surgery for men in Charlotte.

Dr. Ditesheim has extensive experience helping men identify the aspects about their body that they would like to change, and utilizing the latest surgical techniques and technologies in order to achieve that goal. In particular, he is an expert in liposuction and body contouring procedures, including for men who are dealing with gynecomastia, and can bring out the toned, athletic shape that emphasizes the male physique. Enjoy life with renewed confidence. Find out which of these specifically tailored procedures could be right for you.

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Liposuction Procedures

Dr. Ditesheim specializes in liposuction procedures – but there are a few different kinds that provide certain benefits, depending on what you are hoping to get out of it. In some instances, he can incorporate the radiofrequency-producing tool Renuvion to achieve even more dramatic results.

High Definition Liposuction

Unlike traditional liposuction which simply removes the fat without much consideration, the high def technique is more targeted, leaving certain fat deposits in strategically-placed locations around the muscle to give it more definition. This allows Dr. Ditesheim to begin to sculpt the body into the desired shape, turning the patient over into different positions in order to work on that specific area.

Aquashape Liposuction

AquaShape can help you lose unwanted fat, get the shape you envision, and gain the confidence that gives you an edge in your personal & professional relationships.

Vaser Liposuction

A Minimally invasive, precision body contouring system that smooths and sculpts hard-to-treat areas.


No man should have to spend his life hiding in baggy t-shirts or avoiding the pool or gym because of gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. This common problem can be reversed with a relatively simple, outpatient procedure.

"I am comfortable to be without my shirt, I can feel my muscle, I could not do that before."

Male's torso before and after Gynecomastia in teens, front view

Facial Fillers

Injectable fillers help restore volume, softening creases and adding youthful shape to your face. So if you’ve noticed that your face looks a bit drawn, or that you have a more “etched” appearance than you used to, injectables may be just the right solution.


Age and gravity can be unkind to our appearance. Skin loses elasticity and well-defined facial features give way to heavy jowls, sagging cheeks and loose neck skin. A facelift can turn back the clock on aging, giving back a smoother, firmer and refined face and neckline for a naturally more youthful appearance for years to come.

Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid lift, also called blepharoplasty, restores a fresher, more youthful appearance to your eyes, helping to correct a tired or sad appearance caused by sagging, excess skin on the upper eyelids or eliminating puffiness under the lower eyelids.


Central to your facial harmony, your nose helps to define your appearance as uniquely yours. If you’re not happy with what you see, rhinoplasty can help you get a beautiful, natural-looking nose that’s in better proportion to the rest of your face and can even help correct breathing problems.

Brow Lift

Like eyelid surgery, a brow lift procedure rejuvenates the forehead and the area around the eyes by lifting the skin to raise eyebrows. In addition, the procedure raises the tissue around the eyebrows to position them higher on the face.

How to Maintain Your Plastic Surgery Results

Since some plastic surgery procedures are invasive and require several weeks of recovery, patients may want to take proactive steps to maintain their results. For example, before surgery, patients must stop smoking nicotine because it interferes with the body’s healing process and because it hastens the breakdown of collagen. Excessive sun exposure could result in rapidly declining collagen and elastin reduction, leading surgical results to deteriorate quicker.

In addition to taking care of the skin’s health, body contouring patients may want to consider following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Though the results for surgical fat removal are long-lasting, the procedures do not prevent future weight gain that might reverse the effects. These procedures are most effective when combined with regular exercise, such as walking, jogging, and running.

Consider Combining Male Plastic Surgeries Procedures in Charlotte

An individual plastic surgery procedure could make significant appearance changes, but it is possible to undergo multiple procedures simultaneously. For instance, you could combine a facelift with eyebrow surgery to rejuvenate your facial appearance further. In addition, multiple body contouring surgeries could be performed at once, such as liposuction and gynecomastia correction.

Undergoing several procedures at once offers several benefits. Patients could avoid multiple recovery periods, thus reducing disruptions to their daily returns and work. Though patients may be more limited during recovery after multiple surgeries, it does not lead to more scarring than having them done individually, and the recovery period does not typically extend beyond the expected timeline for standalone procedures.

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Men have much to gain from plastic surgery – from getting rid of extra skin and fat cells, to a more chiseled jawline, to a toned abdomen. Plastic surgery for men in Charlotte is on the rise and you can meet with Dr. Ditesheim to discuss the best ways of getting yourself to your ideal aesthetic. Reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss your options further.

"I now walk into a room with confidence on my face. I am pleased to get rid of the extra weight that I could not lose from diet and exercise."
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