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You can have more beautiful, healthy skin! Developed by dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO® Medical are based on the latest advances in skin therapy technology: biotechnology complexes, plant stem cell components, and multi-therapy delivery systems. These products and programs have been optimized to meet the needs of patients of any age, gender, or ethnicity.

ZO Medical Offers


ZO® Medical offers a full spectrum of clinical-grade products to help treat difficult skin conditions: Control & reduce acne outbreaks, Calm inflammation and redness in sensitive skin, Improve hyperpigmentation & reduce rosacea, Help restore tone & elasticity to aging skin, and Repair skin at the cellular level to diminish signs of aging.

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Genuine Products

Only genuine ZO® Medical therapeutic skincare products are physician dispensed through authorized medical practices. ZO Skin Health, Inc. does not endorse using ZO® Medical products without guidance from a licensed physician or medical professional.

ZO Medical Products

ZO® Medical offers a full spectrum of clinical-grade products to help treat difficult skin conditions.

Exfoliating Polish

ZO Medical’s Exfoliating Polish includes magnesium crystals to gently remove dead skin cells and debris, revealing clear, smooth skin and enhancing the effectiveness of the other steps in your skin care routine. The product also contains vitamins A, C, C-ester, and E for antioxidant protection and nourishment. 

Daily Power Defense

Zo Medical’s popular Daily Power Defense is an antioxidant serum which reduces signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The serum uses proven ingredients like vitamin E, Ultrasomes, and ceramide 6 to nourish skin, tighten and firm, protect the natural barrier, and speed your skin’s natural repair process for smoother, more youthful, and healthier skin.

Growth Factor Serum

Growth Factor Serum from ZO Medical uses a combination of plant and enzyme derived growth factors to address aging signs like fine lines, laxity, or irregular texture. The serum restores hydration and reinforces the natural protective barrier while creating luminous, smooth, youthful-looking skin.

Wendy DeGiacomo the licensed esthetician is awesome! When I had Wendy take a look at my skin she immediately prescribed me the product package that my skin needed and it has been amazing! She was also able to help my skin with Botox and facials. My skin is smooth and flawless and yours can be too if you have a recommendation from Wendy at Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery!
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Convenient Online Orders

For your convenience, our patients at Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery in Charlotte can now purchase ZO® Medical products online. To ensure you are choosing the safest and most effective products for your skin, we highly recommend you meet with our esthetician for personal consultation before making your first purchase.

Schedule a Consultation  for ZO Medical Skincare in Charlotte

If you’re unsure which ZO skin care products are right for you, schedule a consultation with our esthetician. During your consultation, your skin type, concerns, and goals will be considered and a personalized, effective skin care routine can be developed for you before you purchase products. Call our Charlotte office to schedule your ZO skin care consultation or contact us online.

Can I use ZO products at home?

Because ZO Medical products are potent and designed to be professional-grade formulas, we urge patients to talk to our medical aestheticians before using any products at home for their safety and effective treatment.

Can you treat acne with creams and cleansers?

If you pay close attention to the daily state of your skin, it’s possible to treat acne using topical products and a good skincare routine. For the most effective treatment, use high-quality acne products from ZO Medical.

Do I need eye cream?

While not technically necessary for your daily skincare routine, eye cream can help protect skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines when using high-quality products specifically designed for use around the eye area.

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