Post-Weight Loss Surgery in Charlotte

Thousands of men and women are taking their health into their own hands and losing substantial amounts of weight to improve their health. Some are using bariatric surgery, and others are using newer obesity medications to help get the weight loss they need. However, they might not think about what they will look like after such a major weight loss. Most people will have significant amounts of loose, sagging skin and tissue in multiple areas of their body. If you can relate to this problem, you may be considering post-weight loss surgery in Charlotte.

At Ditesheim Plastic Surgery, we understand the needs of people who have lost significant weight. With the many different plastic surgery procedures available, we can help you discover the body contours you have been working towards. If you desire a post-weight loss makeover, schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim. During your meeting, Dr. Ditesheim will discuss your aesthetic goals and evaluate your current body to create a personalized treatment plan.

What Areas Are Addressed in a Post-Weight Loss Makeover?

Each person’s makeover must be customized because everyone loses weight differently. You may require more help in one area than the next person. Your personal plan will address the most important (to you) areas first, then move on to other places that need improvement that weight loss alone cannot provide.

Most people turn first to their abdomen. You may still have a stomach pannus—hanging excess skin and remaining fat. Removing the pannus (a panniculectomy) is the first step, but you may also need to address adjacent areas. You might choose a circumferential lipectomy, which can improve the contours of your waist, back, and flanks. Skillful liposuction can bring back more normal curves.

Once your mid-body has been addressed you can look to other areas that need correction. An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a popular surgery among our Charlotte patients after weight loss. The extra tissue and skin on the arms of bariatric patients can hang like bat wings. Removal of your bat wings will bring your arms into a more normal shape.

You may want to include surgery on your thighs and buttocks to improve your silhouette. An inner or outer thigh lift can address any stubborn fat pockets left and remove excess skin. Buttock procedures can address excess skin or replace the volume you lost.

Breast Surgery Post-Weight Loss

As a woman, losing weight means you will have decreased the size of your breasts. This can lead to seriously drooping breasts, sometimes to the point of breasts that hang down almost to your waistline. This can be fixed with a breast lift, which will trim any excess skin and tissue and reposition your breasts to a more normal placement.

As a man, you may have developed gynecomastia while you were severely overweight. Now that you have lost weight, you may still have abnormal breasts. If they have not returned to a normal shape and size, surgery can correct these problems so that you will have a normal, masculine chest again.

Finish Your Transformation With a Post-Weight Loss Makeover in Charlotte

When you lose enough weight, you will realize that you have transformed your body into a new, improved you. This can be very satisfying, but it can still leave you with excess skin and tissue you cannot get rid of by exercise and diet alone. That is when you need to turn to an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Ditesheim to help you complete your transformation. Once you are at or near your ideal weight, make an appointment for post-weight loss surgery in Charlotte. With the right procedures, we can help you achieve your desired body.

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