Initial Consultation for Liposuction in Charlotte

Frustrated by your latest weight loss plateau or struggling to get rid of fat deposits on a specific area of your body? Wondering if those stubborn fat cells will ever disappear? They may not, unless you enlist the help of a plastic surgeon. We all have areas where fat is impossible to get rid of, so you are not alone.

After reading information about liposuction, you may feel that it is the answer to eliminating your stubborn fat and are wondering what your initial consultation for liposuction in Charlotte will be like. Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who knows how to help you get the best body contours possible. He will answer all your questions and address all your concerns so you feel comfortable and confident going into the procedure.

The Liposuction Consult

We thrive on giving the best care possible to our patients and it is important for you to feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon you choose. We know you will have many questions, and we are here to answer them. Only by having your concerns addressed and your questions answered will you be ready for your liposuction procedure.

Know Your Aesthetic Goals

You need to arrive for your first consult with a pretty good idea of your aesthetic goals. What are you hoping to improve? Is there only one bad spot, or do you feel there are multiple areas to address? Since liposuction can be used on many areas of your body, it is not unusual to have liposuction done in various places (like with Lipo 360) to create the overall change you want. Before your first consultation at our clinic in Charlotte, you need to decide what you want to see changed. Surf the internet for ideas of what can be done with liposuction so you are ready when Dr. Ditesheim asks what changes you want to see.

Share Your Medical History

For your own safety, we need to know about your past and present medical history. Any past surgery is important, including if you had complications. Current medications and supplements will be recorded, so bring your list. Chronic health problems will be discussed, especially if they could affect how well your surgery goes. In addition, you will be asked about your use of alcohol and tobacco since those habits can be hard on your skin. We want the very best results from your surgery, so you need to stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake.

Determine the Best Approach

Dr. Ditesheim will be evaluating your skin to see if there is enough elasticity to allow it to shrink down after fat is removed. He will also be looking at your basic body structure to give you the best options to make improvements. If you have a large amount of excess skin, you may need to add a tummy tuck to get rid of it.

Different types of liposuction are better for tackling certain areas or problems, and we will tell you about the different options we offer. Since we know you have questions about anesthesia, incision sites, possible risks, and after-surgery care, all those topics will be covered.

We encourage you to bring a list of question and concerns to your consultation so nothing is missed. Any questions about scars, the procedure, or your recovery will be answered so you can make well-informed decisions.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation for Liposuction at Our Charlotte Clinic

When you feel ready to discuss surgery and what it can do to help refine your body contours, schedule your initial consultation for liposuction in Charlotte. Dr. Ditesheim crafts a surgical plan that is tailored to your body and your goals – not the body or goals of anyone else. Call us now and set up a time to meet and discuss your aesthetic wishes.

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