Get A Beautifully Sculpted Figure With Vaser Liposuction
Woman's body before and after Liposuction in Abdomen with Hi definition technique, front view

There are many technologies and techniques that can help people get rid of unwanted fat and enhance the appearance of their problem areas, and Vaser liposuction is one of the tools Dr. Ditesheim uses to achieve patients’ specific goals. This ultrasound-assisted liposuction device is highly precise and has the added benefit of helping tighten skin after a procedure for the smoothest, natural-looking curves.

What to Know About Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to break up fat cells prior to extraction with a cannula, which helps remove precise layers of fat while simultaneously stimulating skin cells to produce more collagen. Unlike older techniques and technologies, this procedure can safely be used in superficial layers of fat around muscles, such as abdominal muscles, to reveal contours and add definition to desired areas.

Vaser’s focused energy also allows it to be used in difficult areas to treat, such as the back, which makes it a good option to achieve highly precise results.

Skill and Experience Offer Superior Results

It’s important to keep in mind that tools like Vaser are only as good as the hands that use them. That’s why Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim is a preferred choice for people in Charlotte, NC and across the country, because his reputation precedes him.

Not only does Dr. Ditesheim have the skill and advanced training to offer Vaser liposuction in the first place, the results that his patients obtain from the procedure speak for themselves. Dr. Ditesheim is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a prestigious honor for only the most dedicated, ethical surgeons.

Vaser Liposuction with High Definition technique to define the female athlete.

Precise Body Sculpting With High Definition Liposuction

The most important benefit of Vaser liposuction is its use in High Definition Liposuction. High Definition Liposuction is a totally different technique than traditional liposuction.

Whereas traditional liposuction procedures focus solely on removing fat in problem areas, the High Definition approach is aimed at achieving a precise amount of fat removal throughout the entire waistline. During High Definition Liposuction, patients are moved to different positions so Dr. Ditesheim can sculpt the body from the front, sides, and back, rather than just from one position.

Vaser Liposuction for complete Liposuction 360 and a tummy tuck.

Vaser liposuction is a valuable tool during High Definition Liposuction because it is capable of highly precise fat cell removal in the superficial layer just beneath the skin. This allows Dr. Ditesheim to fine-tune curves and reveal the naturally beautiful contours and definition of a patient’s frame.

Body Areas Vaser Can Enhance

While commonly used to slim down and sculpt the abdominal area and waistline, Vaser can enhance many areas of the body. Because Vaser’s ultrasound technology has the added benefit of aiding skin retraction, people have seen beautiful, smooth results in the arms, chest, thighs, buttocks, and love handles. Some men can benefit from Vaser for gynecomastia treatments or to enhance the appearance of their abs.

Vaser Liposuction to treat male gynecomastia with awake surgery

In addition, Vaser can also be an excellent device for fat transfer procedures, using a patient’s own fat to add volume to the buttocks, breasts, or other areas for custom contouring and optimal results.

The Vaser Liposuction Process

Like every cosmetic surgery procedure, the Vaser liposuction process begins with a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim. After examining the problem areas and listening to patients’ goals, he creates a unique surgical plan for liposuction and recommends certain devices or techniques that are best suited for the desired outcome.

The procedure itself begins with placing patients under general anesthesia. Then, Dr. Ditesheim infuses a tumescent solution that contains adrenaline to constrict blood vessels and lidocaine to help numb the treatment area. After this is done, he performs Vaser liposuction, and if undergoing High Definition Liposuction, will continue making additional tumescent infusions as he rotates patients around to address every curve.

Following the procedure, patients are placed in a compression garment to help reduce swelling and ensure the treated area(s) heal in the way intended by Dr. Ditesheim. Dr. Ditesheim tracks the healing process through follow up appointments, and gives detailed instructions for how to care for incision sites and how long to wear the compression garments.

Because Vaser lipo can be more uncomfortable than other liposuction techniques, it can require a longer recovery time than other liposuction techniques, depending on the specific surgical plan.

Learn More About Vaser Liposuction in Charlotte

Whether or not Vaser liposuction is the best technique to help someone achieve their body contour goals can only be determined in a consultation appointment at Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery. During a consultation, Dr. Ditesheim can explain more details about the Vaser liposuction procedure and offer a specific surgical plan, including cost, recovery time, and preparation steps. Take the first step by calling (704) 389-2052 or filling out an online contact form today.

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