Gynecomastia Surgery with Pull-through procedure for Grade 4 gynecomastia
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With hanging breasts since puberty, this 25-year-old young man suffered so much embarrassment. Multiple undershirts, shirts with wide stripes, mostly loose-fitting clothes. He felt “trapped” in a body that made him feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. His before and after 6 week photos show a normal masculine chest. His words above tell the whole story! “Man, I love this guy and his whole team was extremely helpful, I have great confidence now. It’s been only a month and I look like I (am) fully healed…the recovery time is quick.”

Gynecomastia Surgery with the Pull-through technique

The Gynecomastia Pull-through technique essentially “pulls down” the excess skin, like a garage door closing. The excess skin is removed with a scar hidden in the lower chest crease. The gynecomastia surgery scar is extended along the lateral chest to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue on the side. If the anterior (front) chest is corrected without addressing the fullness on the side the shape will not be right. It is important to flatten the area between the lateral pectoral border and the latissimus muscle, otherwise there will be a persistent roundness after the gynecomastia surgery procedure.

No nipple grafting

The gynecomastia surgery pull-through procedure leaves the nipple intact. There is no nipple grafting or removal. The nipple-areola (dark area in small box to left) complex maintains sensation and blood supply in its native position. Once the excess skin is removed, the nipple complex is “pulled through” an opening at the correct position on the chest wall.

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