Traditional vs. Donut Lift: 3 Differences You Should Know

hands measuring the breasts of a young woman with a centimeter

A donut lift is a modified version of a breast lift that’s purported to provide equivalent results with less extensive surgery and minimal scarring. Although the surgery has a reputation for leaving smaller scars—even to the point that it’s sometimes called a “scarless” breast lift procedure—not every woman is a candidate. Could a donut lift work for you?

What is a Donut Lift?

A “donut” breast lift is a breast lift surgery that removes a small amount of excess skin and repositions the breast shape to achieve a more youthful appearance to mild to moderately sagging breasts. Of the options for breast lift procedures, this incision pattern, also called periareolar, disguises breast lift scars in the transition from the areola to the regular breast skin, making it nearly undetectable.

1. Fewer Incisions Are Required for the Donut Lift

traditional breast lift that uses the short-scar technique uses two incisions: one around the areola, and the second running from the areola down to the breast crease. Through these incisions, the breast tissue is reshaped and the skin pulled tight for added support that gives an uplifted, perky final profile.

A donut lift only uses one incision around the areola. This means there won’t be a vertical scar down the underside of the breast, and may mean a more comfortable breast lift recovery too.

2. Donut Lift Results Are Less Comprehensive

While the idea of a (virtually) scar-free lift definitely sounds appealing, remember that using fewer incisions means your surgeon’s access to your breast tissue is somewhat limited. With less accessibility, achieving significant results falls somewhere between hard and impossible. That’s why people seeking plastic surgery should always have a breast lift consultation prior to committing to any one plan of action, as a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ditesheim can give you realistic expectations as to which breast lift techniques may be right for your unique concerns and condition.

3. Not Everyone Is a Good Candidate for a Donut Lift

Because the “mini” breast lift can mean “mini” results, the donut lift isn’t for everyone. Typically, women who will see the best outcome from this modified breast surgery will have small to medium-sized breasts with only mild sagging. Women with larger breasts or severe ptosis (drooping) aren’t likely to see the improvement they hope for with a donut lift, and would likely be much happier with the look that could be achieved with a traditional breast lift instead.

Restore A Youthful Breast Position With a “Scarless” Breast Lift

For well-qualified patients who don’t need a large amount of breast volume reduced and who have good skin elasticity, a donut breast lift can be a great way to achieve a perky, youthful appearance both in and out of clothing. To learn more about all your options for breast lift surgery, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim today. Start the conversation by calling our Charlotte, NC office or by contacting us online.

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