Is Nano Lipo the Body Contouring Procedure of the Future?
back central part of the body of a man and a woman, marked for surgery with black dots and arrows

As quickly as liposuction continues gaining popularity, liposuction techniques seem to be evolving just as fast. The latest of these is the concept of nano lipo, or applying the concepts of nanotechnology toward body contouring.

Professors from the University of Nevada School of Medicine and the University of California, San Diego are developing nano lipo, which uses gold nanoparticles to melt fat when exposed to laser light. The purported benefits of the procedure include the fact that, since fat melts at lower temperatures than the surrounding tissues, the low-heat process would limit the risk of collateral damage within the treatment area. Additionally, concerns over contour irregularities could be reduced, as the fat cells would be melted rather than broken apart for removal removal surgery.

Existing Advances in Lipo Technology

The implications of nanotechnology in general are exciting, and even more so when applied to cosmetic surgery. However, all of this is not to imply any shortcomings in the currently available liposuction methods.

For example, AquaShape™ liposuction operates on a similar principle as the proposed nanotech liposuction – the gentle and specific removal of fat and fat alone – only it’s water that’s used to accurately dislodge fat cells through a technique that’s significantly less aggressive than traditional liposuction.

AquaShape™ can deliver precisely targeted body sculpting with only a local anesthetic, and patients enjoy very little bruising along with minimal recovery times – often as short as a single day. Plus, AquaShape™ liposuction has one benefit that nanotech liposuction does not: it can be performed right now. Nanotech might be the wave of the future, but beautiful results are already possible with AquaShape™.

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