What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 or more accurately 3D Lipo is neither a technology nor a marketing term. It is first thinking of the body three dimensionally and not one area alone. Think about beautiful forms, either models or works of art. We see the body in three dimensions. The curves are defined the transitions from one body zone to the next: the chest to the waist to the hips or the back to the flanks to the buttocks. Lipo 360 is an artistic or sculptural approach that treats many body areas at one time. The patient is treated in different positions ( front, back on the sides) to literally shape the body circumferential. The goal is not absolute fat reduction but defining shape.

Lipo 360

A Lipo 360 procedure for women will treat the torso circumferential. This includes the tummy, the bra fat, the back rolls, the hips, buttocks and pubic areas. Other areas often treated include the fat under the arms, the arms and the thighs or knees. Lipo 360 for men will include the tummy, the flanks, back, buttocks, chest and neck. With men, the goal is to reveal the underlying muscular anatomy, also known as “abdominal etching”.

Advantages of Lipo 360

  1. The body is treated artistically with an aesthetic goal in mind from the start. Instead of “lets remove fat” the strategy is “ how do I create a beautiful (masculine or feminine body). In fact, very frequently fat grafts may be used to augment an area that has lost or needs additional volume. Most commonly this is the buttocks, but fat may also be added to the chest or shoulders.
  2. Only the necessary fat is removed from one area to create shape. This prevents overresection when only one area is treated.
  3. The results are natural and last a long time. Even with weight gain, the proportion of fat in different body areas is more balanced

Lipo 360 Disadvantages

  1. Larger liposuction procedure ( multiple area treated at one time).
  2. More recovery
  3. More investment.

Lipo 360 FAQ's

Can Lipo 360 be combined with other plastic surgery procedures?

Yes, Lipo 360 commonly combined with BBL or fat grafting to the buttocks. Buttocks shaping (BBL) is actually achieved by removing fat around the top and sides of the buttocks with liposuction. And then adding fat to the buttocks for projection.

Can Lipo 360 be combined with a Tummy tuck?

Yes, that procedure is called a Tummy Tuck 360. The goals are the same except the tummy weakness is tightened and excess is removed in addition to the circumferential liposuction.

Can I get 360 Lipo without a tummy tuck?

Yes, it is possible to undergo 360 liposuction without a tummy tuck. At Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery, 360-degree liposuction provides a highly efficient and minimally invasive option to a tummy tuck. Lipo 360 addresses and eliminates stubborn fat deposits from various parts of the body, extending beyond just the abdomen, offering a holistic approach to body contouring. It’s important to keep in mind that while 360 liposuction is highly effective for fat reduction, it doesn’t directly address concerns such as sagging skin or muscle separation, which a tummy tuck may address.

Before and after photo of a patient who underwent lipo360 without a tummy tuck

45yr went from a size 10 to a size 4. Before and 4 months after Aquashape Liposuction 360 to treat the tummy, waist, back and bra, thighs and knees. A total of 10lb of fat was removed in a three and a half hour procedure.

Lipo 360 without BBL

Yes lipo 360 can be done without BBL. To define the waist and shape the buttocks:  1. What is the body frame?  Proportions ( upper body, torso, lower body), Pelvic shape ( narrow or wide), Height, Weight ( particular emphasis on where fatty tissue is stored).  An aside:  all humans have evolved to store fat as “reserve energy”.  But not all humans store fat similarly.  There are gender differences ( men store fat exclusively in the tummy, love handles, chest and neck)  females store fat in the arms, torso or lower extremities.    There are genetic differences:  Some women store fat preferentially in the arms and torso ( these women have no waist  These women have muffin top:  there is fatty tissue above the buttocks but the jeans pushes it up to give the muffin top.).  Other women store fat in the thighs, buttocks, hips (these women may have good waist definition but be disproportionate in the buttocks, thighs.   (these women may complain of wide hips or saddlebags).

Before and after photo of a patient who underwent lipo360 without BBL

Following a tummy tuck, a 50-year-old woman elected to undergo Lipo 360 with buttocks contouring. The accompanying before-and-after image illustrates the improved shaping of her buttocks achieved solely through liposuction, without the inclusion of fat grafting.

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