4 Reasons Even Surgeons See Better Results with AquaShape® Lipo

back central part of the body of a man and a woman, marked for surgery with black dots and arrows

Traditional liposuction is great for unwanted fat removal, there’s no denying it’s hard on your body. AquaShape water-assisted liposuction is a newer type of lipo that even plastic surgeons swear delivers better results, for four specific reasons.

1. Keeping It Local

During typical liposuction, you’ll need to be knocked out, but that’s not the case with water-assisted lipo. AquaShape only requires a local anesthetic, saving you the hassle of having to be “put under” for your procedure. This can lessen costs, decrease treatment time, reduce the potential for complications and save you from the unpleasant post-op side effects you may experience after general anesthesia.

2. More Precision with Less Force

Regular lipo uses suction plus physical force to remove fat from your body, which is pretty tough on your soft tissue, leading to swelling and bruising at the treatment site. The finely-controllable water jet used in water-assisted lipo gives plastic surgeons better control in sculpting your physique, without needing to use so much muscle to break apart the fatty deposits.

3. Faster and More Predictable Recovery

Since AquaShape is gentler than traditional lipo, you’ll find that your recovery time will likely be shortened as well. Less tissue damage means you’ll also be able to enjoy your results faster with less time spent off your feet and stuck in a compression garment.

4. Better Results

Water-assisted lipo gives plastic surgeons an unprecedented amount of control over your procedure, allowing them to carefully contour your body and make sure that your final results will be more consistent with what you hoped for in your consultation. Add on the decreased healing time and lack of general anesthesia, and you’ll see for yourself why so many plastic surgeons say AquaShape is the best type of liposuction.

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