Is Your Teen Thinking about Rhinoplasty over Winter Break?

Amazed woman looking at her shiners in a mirror

The teenage years are notoriously filled with insecurity as a hormonal and emotional rollercoaster takes teens on quite a wild ride. One of the most requested cosmetic procedures among teens is rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job. While a teen nose job can be a positive option for good candidates, there are a few things parents should consider before letting their teen undergo cosmetic surgery.

Your Teen’s Expectations

As with any cosmetic procedure, realistic expectations are a must in order for patients of any age to experience optimal benefits. It’s important that your teen has reached a level of emotional maturity prior to surgery that ensures that he or she is not using the nose job as an answer to other problems. Social teasing or a tough breakup won’t be solved by a nose job, and teens may be disappointed if their results aren’t as far-reaching as they had hoped.

Additionally, it’s important that teens have finished physically maturing before undergoing rhinoplasty, since the nose will continue to change along with the rest of the face and body. In girls, the nose usually stops growing around age 15 or 16, and about a year later in boys.

Potential Benefits

If your teen is emotionally and physically mature enough for a nose job, the benefits can be significant. Rhinoplasty can provide a boost in self-esteem, alleviate breathing problems and bring harmony and balance to facial features. And, because a nose job typically involves reshaping what is already there rather than augmenting, nothing artificial is added to the body, so your teen can enjoy long-term results along with an improved quality of life.

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