Plastic surgery in my 60s
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Safe Plastic Surgery Procedures after Age 60

Feeling beautiful and having a body that makes you feel feminine and confident: that’s Dr. Ditesheim’s passion for every patient. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in many surgical procedures, Dr. Ditesheim prioritizes safety and patients’ overall goals to help plastic surgery patients achieve a figure they’re proud of. This includes using multiple procedures like a combination facelift and neck lift or liposuction and breast augmentation.

While it is possible to have a longer cosmetic procedure safely, particularly for younger patients, plastic surgeons can opt for shorter surgeries that mean less stress to the body and potentially easier recovery. This particular patient’s body makeover was achieved in two stages with multiple cosmetic procedures in each stage.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful result and a predictable recovery process. Predictability means recovering within an expected time period, returning to daily activities and work on time. Focusing on one part of the body and limiting the time of the procedure can really make a difference in not having an overwhelming recovery.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

This patient is a 65-year-old working woman who wanted to reshape her breasts and restore the feminine shape of her tummy and waist. Her first procedure was a breast lift and augmentation (augmentation mastopexy) to lift and reshape her breasts. Before she was wearing a 38DDD and after a 36DD bra. The flatness of the upper part of the breast was made rounder with a silicone implant (275cc moderate profile, round, new-generation silicone implant). The implants were placed above the muscle in a subfascial position.

The breasts were simultaneously reduced with both liposuction and excision of breast tissue. Fatty tissue under the arm was also reduced with liposuction to reduce the width of the breast. Together 1175 grams (three pounds) of fatty tissue was removed in addition to the excision of the hanging breast (168 grams). The total time for his breast makeover was three and a half hours. While she recovered easily and resumed her daily activities within days, she told Dr. Ditesheim she did not feel fully recovered for 3 months.

Tummy Tuck and Circumferential Liposuction

The second stage, performed four months later, was an extended tummy tuck and circumferential liposuction (Tummy tuck 360). This procedure removed fatty tissue with liposuction from the waist and lower back and tummy. The excess loose skin and fatty tissue were re-draped and removed. She had an old scar from a gallbladder operation in the upper right quadrant that was corrected with the tummy tuck procedure.

You can see on the gray box at right how much skin is removed. The pink dotted area is the skin removed. The yellow dotted lines show how the scar moved lower after the skin was re-draped. A total of 2920 grams (7 pounds) of fatty tissue was removed. After the second stage procedure she returned to work after two weeks as expected.

These photos are before and 5 months after her second procedure. Her weight has decreased by 10 pounds (from 140 to 130 lb). She is extremely satisfied with the results of the procedure as well as the lack of postoperative complications.

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Many people are eligible for plastic surgery after age 60 depending on their desired goals and health risk factors. To learn more about a complete body makeover, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim by calling our office. Dr. Ditesheim has helped hundreds of people achieve a more confident body shape through major surgery as well as non-surgical solutions to help fight the aging process. From eyelid surgery to a thigh lift, there are many options that Dr. Ditesheim can help you choose from for a whole body makeover.

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