The Secret to Breast Augmentation
Woman comparing between Saline and Silicone Impants

Curves, Cleavage and Confidence

Fact #1: Restoring shape and creating natural curves defines the naturally beautiful breast after breast augmentation.

Fact #2: Creating cleavage and natural curves will restore a woman’s confidence.

Ask yourself what defines a beautiful breast? Is it size? Is it shape? Is it symmetry? If the answer to any of these questions was yes then beautiful breasts would all be very large, round and perfectly symmetrical. If this were true then women considering breast augmentation would not be most fearful of looking unnatural or being too big.

So what is really the secret to breast augmentation: it is simply restoring natural curves and cleavage. What curves are we talking about? The curves you see when you look down, the curves that define the upper inner part of the breast and define the cleavage. This is the part of the breast that is most likely to be exposed in clothes or a bathing suit. Bras can mask small or lost volume, to give the appearance in clothes of a fuller cup size. But when camouflage such as padding in a bathing suit is required, confidence is compromised.

Implants should enhance your natural breast shape

Having naturally beautiful breasts after breast augmentation is about restoring your natural curves. You might think, if you have small breasts, that you don’t have “natural curves,” but this is not true. Your natural curves are defined by your own breast tissue, not by the implant. The implant’s role is to enhance your natural shape. Think about makeup: you apply only enough to highlight your natural features. Think about a dress: you select the one that flatters your body shape. Thinking about breast implants should be no different. You want the implant that will make your breast look beautiful. Every woman can have beautiful breasts. Getting the curves right, and restoring creates a natural breast shape and leads to a greater sense of confidence. 

Woman's breast before and after breast augmentation, front view

Sisters not twins

When someone is looking at you, say a partner or the plastic surgeon, how that observer sees your breast is different from what you see and feel. A partner or spouse may see your breast as a sexual feature, both in revealing clothes that show cleavage and nude for the fullness and round shape. The plastic surgeon facing you sees how to make the breasts larger, fuller or rounder. Looking at your breasts, at nipple level, the plastic surgeon is keenly aware of asymmetries in shape, size and nipple position. More subtle features such as chest wall shape or contour may be revealed creating a feeling of deformity or abnormality. Remember, what you have been given is seen as normal. Having anatomical asymmetries pointed out at a time of vulnerability can make the insecurity and anxiety worse. I learned this from a patient. As I was verbally documenting her breast asymmetries, she kindly but emphatically educated me that breasts are like sisters, not twins. No woman’s breasts are ever perfectly symmetrical, nor is exact symmetry important to women.

The right size: who knows best?

If you walk into your favorite boutique, you look to see what is pretty and then inquire if the store has your size. You imagine that you will look pretty in those shoes or dress, as long as it is the right size. This is a scenario that we all have experienced. Think about the process: first, you identify what is pretty to you, and then you want help to make that “pretty” apply to you. Selecting breast implants is very similar. You know what breast size feels right for you. You know this in a way that no one else does, not even the plastic surgeon. For women with small breasts, who may never have been larger than an A cup, the right size is often the size that extinguishes the anxiety or insecurity of having to wear shaped or padded bras. The right size means not having to fear shopping for tops, bathing suits or being naked.

If your breast lost volume after pregnancies, your brain still remembers what that pretty breast felt like and what size felt “natural or normal.” How do we know that this is true? Using a custom-fitting process over the last three years, where each woman selects the “right size” before surgery, the comments after surgery were revealing. Women said consistently: “I feel normal” or “This is me” or “The size is just right, it’s perfect” or “This is just what I wanted.” One woman, when shown her before and after photos, said, “I don’t want to see that ”before picture,” that was not me.” These women identified with the “after breast” as their “normal.”

Women who abdicate the decision for implant selection to someone else, a girlfriend, a spouse or even the plastic surgeon can easily be disappointed. You know what you want your breast to feel like, what size is best, better than anyone. Custom-fitting is a process where you work with the plastic surgeon before the surgery to “get it right”. Your new breasts will have natural curves, cleavage, and your confidence will soar.

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