Will Breast Implants Give You a Perkier Figure?
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In the world of breast enhancement procedures, too many women believe that a simple augmentation will be the cure-all solution to their breast appearance woes. While it’s nice to believe that a simple saline or silicone breast implant can change the shape of the breasts any way you’d like, unfortunately this myth falls somewhere in between slightly inaccurate to a downright lie.

The Truth behind Sagging

  • Don’t be fooled by the idea that larger breasts will automatically perk up your figure. Gummy Bear Implants may lift your spirits, but they won’t lift your breasts. In fact, you may find that getting breast implants can make an existing breast sag worse.
  • Breast sagging, or “ptosis” as it’s known by those in white coats, is a condition caused by weakened ligament structures that support the breast tissue along with the unhelpful pull of gravity. With this in mind, you can see how adding extraneous weight to the breast wouldn’t help matters.

You Can Have It All

When debating the benefits of a breast augmentation vs. a breast lift, it all comes down to your personal needs. If a larger cup size is all you desire, implants should do the trick. If you’re looking to give your breasts a little extra pick-me-up, a lift may be the way to go. A breast lift won’t give you a size increase, but can enhance your figure by firming and reshaping your natural assets for a perkier profile.

However, many women find that the best breast augmentation results come from a combination of breast implants and a breast lift. This allows for an increase in size as well as an uplifted look that can greatly accentuate your natural figure.

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