4 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for a Rhinoplasty
Young woman with closed eyes and a smile

Rhinoplasty remains one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures for both men and women. Yet, as popular as it may be, nose reshaping isn’t for everyone. If you’re considering getting a “nose job,” there are a few qualities that may make you a good candidate.

1. You Have Breathing Problems

Breathing problems are one of the primary reasons that rhinoplasty is performed. Whether they’re caused by abnormal formation of nasal structures at birth or injuries that obstruct your airways, a rhinoplasty can often clear these issues up and get you back to breathing normally.

2. You’re Unhappy with Your Facial Symmetry

Yes, a rhinoplasty can provide serious medical benefits to patients who need improve nasal structure, but nose surgery can also be an excellent option for patients unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of their noses.

Our noses define our face, so it’s natural to feel self-conscious about odd looking bumps or ridges. A rhinoplasty can adjust the bridge, nasal tip, nose profile and nostril shape to provide either subtle contouring or an aesthetic redesign, depending on your needs.

3. You Are Done Growing

Though rhinoplasty is a commonly sought-out procedure for youngsters dealing with the self-confidence minefield of teendom, most doctors recommend that patients wait until after they’re done growing before having the procedure. Facial anatomy and symmetry changes all the time during the teenage years, and the best results are usually found after facial growth has finished.

4. You Keep Realistic Expectations

As with any plastic surgery procedure, it’s important to “keep it real.” A common saying in the plastic surgery world is to aim for improvement, not perfection. Expecting a perfect nose will likely leave you dissatisfied with your results, no matter how well your rhinoplasty was performed.

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