Debunking Common Misconceptions About VASER Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common plastic surgeries available, and many patients are interested in new technologies including VASER liposuction. However, with the procedure’s popularity comes common misconceptions. Here are a few of the most common questions about VASER liposuction that plastic surgeons like Dr. Ditesheim are asked. 

vaser liposcution with renuvion
This is VASER liposuction with Renuvion

Is VASER Liposuction Painful?

While you are typically asleep during VASER liposuction, you will not feel any pain. After your procedure, you will probably feel some soreness which typically lasts for a day or two or up to a week.  Using our Enhanced Recovery Program, which minimizes swelling and bruising, we help you get back to yourself as quickly as possible.    If you choose to be awake for the procedure,  you will receive a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. The procedure should not be painful, but you will likely feel some pressure, especially at the beginning of the procedure. Vaser Liposuction Awake is particularly good for small areas like Gynecomastia Treatment and enables you to drive yourself home. 

Are There Multiple Types of Liposuction?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many types of liposuction available! VASER liposuction, which is ultrasound-assisted liposuction, is just one of several options. Laser liposuction, “Smart-Lipo”, Power-Lipo or tumescent liposuction are some other types that plastic surgeons may use to permanently remove fat. Dr. Ditesheim offers VASER liposuction for precise sculpting and AquaShape Liposuction for gentle fat removal. High Definition Liposuction which includes Abdominal Etching combines Vaser-Lipo with an artistic approach for the most refined body sculpting. He can recommend the best option for you during a consultation appointment. 

Is VASER Liposuction Affordable?

While all plastic surgeries are an investment, it is worthwhile to spend a little more for a higher-quality and safe procedure.  VASER liposuction is surprisingly affordable compared to similar procedures. Many patients are pleased with the final price of their surgery compared to other options that they may have considered. The costs start at $7,500. This price can vary depending on factors like the treatment area you are targeting and the anesthesia you prefer.   A consultation is the best way to understand what your final cost might be. 

How Long is Recovery After VASER Liposuction?

The recovery period is much faster than most people expect. On average, patients can return to work or other normal activities between 3-7 days after their procedure, with some ready to get back to their routine in as little as 48 hours. Pain and discomfort is minimal and subsides quickly. Throughout the recovery process, you should wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and ensure your new body contour heals properly. Dr. Ditesheim can give you specific instructions for wearing compression garments and other considerations. With our Enhanced Recovery Program, we will help you get back to work and resume your life as quickly as possible. 

vaser lipo for shaping torso
This is VASER lipo done for shaping the torso.

Is VASER Liposuction Just for Women?

The idea that this surgery is only for women is a common misconception. Men can benefit from liposuction as well, and frequently undergo the treatment to reduce fat on the flanks or back (VaserLipo for Male Love Handles) or to define their abdomen (Male High Definition Liposuction). VASER liposuction is an especially beneficial option for men who exercise regularly and want to enhance the results of their workout routines. It may also be useful in Gynecomastia Treatment, or excess breast tissue in men. 

vaser liposuction with high definition approach
This is VASER liposuction with a high definition approach.

Can Older Patients Have VASER Liposuction?

Age is only a concern with these candidates if they have certain health concerns or poor skin elasticity. So long as a patient is healthy overall, VASER liposuction is a safe option. However, poor skin quality may be a concern, as removing fat could result in sagging or loose skin. Excess skin or stretch-mark skin can be removed with a Mini-tummy tuck for men or a Tummy tuck 360 for women. A consultation is the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you, regardless of your age. 

Can I Lose Weight with VASER Liposuction?

Contrary to what many people believe, liposuction, including VASER liposuction, is not a weight loss procedure. Rather, it is a body contouring procedure. This means that the primary goal of liposuction is to redefine the shape of the body rather than to help patients lose weight. Before undergoing this procedure, you should be at a healthy and stable weight despite some stubborn unwanted fat deposits. You may lose some weight as a result of removing fat, but this is not the overall goal of the procedure. 

Will fat come back after surgery?

Fat cells removed with liposuction do not come back or “re-grow” in the treatment area(s).  Many people ask the difference between weight loss and liposuction. With weight loss, every fat cell in your body becomes smaller. With Liposuction, fat cells are permanently removed.  But here is the mystery: Your brain controls fat cell size.  After liposuction particularly if you “gain weight”, your brain may send a signal to increase some fat cells in another part of the body.  This can result in thigh or buttocks fat cells becoming larger after tummy liposuction.  

Does VASER Liposuction Treat Cellulite?

Cellulite is not actually caused by fat alone. Instead, collagen fibers pull the skin’s surface down, creating a dimpled appearance. This means that removing fat cells using this type of liposuction may improve the appearance of cellulite somewhat, but won’t remove it entirely. A newer treatment RENUVION, when combined with VaserLipo has shown promise in treating cellulite of the thighs.

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