Male Breasts are No Joke!
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The appearance of breast shape on a male chest, at any age creates such anxiety and embarrassment that boys and men will go to great lengths to avoid any activity that requires a bare chest. Locker-room jesting can be cruel and traumatic. Insecurity with body image lasting years can interfere with self-confidence.

When will my male breast go away?

While most men expect the breast shape to simply go away with muscle building or weight change, the reality is just the opposite. As the breast tissue is on the surface of the chest, building the chest muscles only makes the breast projection worse. The same occurs with weight changes, the shape of the chest doesn’t look any more “normal”. The sad reality is that most men do not know that the chest can be reshaped to a “more normal” appearance with a gynecomastia surgical procedure, that takes about 2 hours. Popular belief has perpetuated the myths that our bodies develop in a normal process and the way you develop is the way you should be. If this were true then why do all males who have this gynecomastia procedure feel more normal after than before!

Why do I have male breasts?

Anatomically, most male breast development results from breast tissue under the nipple. All men have some breast tissue. It is not understood why some men either have more breast tissue or that tissue is more sensitive to stimulation and develops to a greater mass. This “mass” on top of the chest muscle, causes a projection known as gynecomastia. It is the projection on a male chest that produces a feminine shape. Internal hormone imbalance and some chemicals or drugs can overstimulate the breast tissue. The overwhelming majority of men with gynecomastia do not have low testosterone, or other hormone irregularity, nor are they taking recreational drugs or experiencing a drug interaction, it is simply without explanation.

I know I need male plastic surgery…

Once removed, the breast tissue does not return and the shape of the chest is stable. In a minority of men, the breast has “developed” to such a degree that the nipple area is stretched out and the skin may have stretched to a degree that the “breast” hangs on the chest. This is usually a consequence of extreme weight loss. In these most extreme cases, skin may be removed and the nipple relocated to the correct anatomical location. For some men who have used exogenous ( or gym-acquired) steroids, the breast tissue and fatty tissue of the chest can stay stimulated even after the steroids are stopped (bitch tits). Liposuction or a small surgical incision around the nipple may be used, depending on the degree of chest shaping needed.

Recovery, Insurance, Cost for Male Plastic Surgery

For most, the chest can be reshaped in one stage. Gynecomastia surgery recovery is only limiting for strenuous activity, a vest is worn to help reshape the chest and minimize the normal body swelling. Men return to school or work within a few days. While there is no doubt that gynecomastia creates a “disability”, how this is interpreted by health care insurance companies is very variable. The cost for the procedure (which includes the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the operating room) ranges from $3-8000 depending on the complexity of the procedure. The gynecomastia surgery should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon with experience and interest in this specialized area and in an accredited facility

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim MD FACS

Dr. Ditesheim is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has practiced plastic surgery for 15 years and has a special interest in the treatment of gynecomastia. He has treated boys from 13 to men in their 60s. Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery is a solo-plastic surgery practice specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery. The surgical center is located in south Charlotte, North Carolina in the Blakeney area. There is a fully accredited surgical center on site (AAAASF). All onsite procedures receive anesthesia care from an anesthesiologist (MD). Dr. Ditesheim maintains active privileges at both local hospital systems for all procedures.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery Consultation: The next step…

The next step in the process is to schedule a private consultation at the plastic surgery center. The consultation gives you the opportunity to meet the doctor and the staff who will care for you. A plan for helping you to achieve your goals will be designed based on your anatomy. The degree of complexity, the recovery and the exact cost will be discussed. All your questions will be answered by Dr. Ditesheim and his staff. Computer imaging may be used for educational purposes or pictures selected from the library of actual patient results to help you best understand what results have been achieved in other patients similar to you. This process has been very helpful in designing the best plan to meet your expectations.

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