Lipo360 with fat grafting or 4D Body sculpting

Lipo360 w fat grafting or 4D Body sculpting is a procedure to regain your shape.

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After the Mommy Makeover: How do I get my body back? Diet or Plastic Surgery?

Twelve years after a Mommy Makeover, a 50 year old woman wants to reclaim her body. The shape she once had has given way to pockets of fatty frustration: arms, tummy, bra, inner thighs, buttocks. Artistic, advanced plastic surgery with Liposuction 360 and fat grafting (to deficient areas) restored proportions and curves even better than 12 years before. Most importantly, after 6 months, she has
the body she loves at the same weight.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover is a popular term used to refer to post-pregnancy body and breast plastic surgery: A breast augmentation to restore volume and possibly a breast lift. A tummy tuck to strengthen the “internal weakness after babies” and a tailoring of the tummy skin to restore a flat tummy.

Is dieting the answer to regaining your youthful body?

From the 30s to the 50s, it is very common for a woman’s weight to increase very subtly, maybe 1-2 lb per year. After 10-15 years, its time to celebrate the big 50 and all she sees is the poochy tummy, the bra fat, the arm fat. The waist is gone and the buttocks has shrunk. Where did the body go? What happened? Reluctantly, she steps on the scale, trying to not open her eyes and immediately feel dejected. If she loses the weight by dieting will she regain her shape? Is dieting the answer?

The multi-billion dollar diet industry does all it can to make women believe that if they only sign on for the diet plan, count calories or buy pre-packaged meals, their bodies will magically transform into the youthful body of their past or their dreams.

Why do diets not work to give you your youthful body?

Simply, there is a strong internal “thermostat” that regulates your body weight. It’s based on your frame, your metabolism and your hormone levels. Most women who are following a healthy lifestyle regarding what they eat and when they exercise are already doing almost all they can. Starving yourself, counting calories, buying diet- center prepackaged meals will only permit a very temporary weight loss. Newer popular weight loss drugs like Manjaro and Ozempic (trying to reset the “thermostat”) have yet to show longterm weight reduction.

How does Lipo 360 work?

The areas of excess fatty tissue are first infused with a tumescent solution containing dilute local anesthesia. Next the fat is treated with ultrasonic energy (VASERLIPO) to breakdown fat cells without injury to normal nerves and blood vessels. Finally, the emulsified fat is removed gently from the body with a tube or cannula. There is no force or roughness. What is different about Lipo360 is that the body is treated circumferential with different positions: on the sides, on the back and on the tummy. Treating the body as a unit and not individual areas allows a more natural

What is 4D Body Sculpting?

For a beautiful body there must be a concavity to create the waist and a convexity at the hips or lateral pelvis. For Caucasian women that the ratio from the narrowest to widest in front view is roughly 0.70; for women of African ethnicity that ratio may be closer to 0.6 to 0.7 If the pelvis is more vertical or the spine angle has less curve, the frame may not allow the “beautiful proportions”. To achieve ideal proportions, fat is grafted to deficient areas of the buttocks and lateral thighs. 4D Body Sculpting is simultaneous liposculpting ( Lipo360) with fat grafting.

Is sculpting the body after a Mommy Makeover different than traditional liposuction?

Yes, with time, that 1-2lb per year will be added somewhere on the body. After a tummy tuck and liposuction ( with the Mommy Makeover) fat has been taken away from the torso already. So the fat may be more concentrated in certain areas of the body or in areas not previously treated.


What is the recovery after a large liposuction procedure like this?

This woman was healthy prior to surgery. She was active and motivated. She was not overweight. She did have multiple areas (tummy, bra, back, hips, inner thighs, buttocks, arms) treated at one time, removing approx. 12lb of fatty tissue. She was able to work from home in week 1, return to work week 2, fly international week 5. She felt her total recovery was 6-8weeks. To less the recovery, fewer areas can be treated at one time and less fat can be removed. This larger liposuction is only appropriate for healthy women with low intrinsic risk.

50yr woman 5’7” 178lb before and after Lipo360 and fat grafting. She treated her tummy,waist, arms, inner thighs and back. Her breast implants were removed and fat grafts used to augmentthe breasts and buttocks.
Advanced Vaser Lipo360 was used to sculpt the back. The fatty tissue around the bra and backwas removed to define the waist and flanks. Before and after 6 months. Weight 178lb unchanged.
Twelve years after a Mommy Makeover, this 50 year old woman lost the shape she once had. Herbreasts were reshaped by removing her implants and fat grafting the breasts. Her waist and tummywere defined with Vaser Lipo360, treating the body circumferential. Before and After 6 months herweight is the same.
4D (4 dimensional body sculpting) is the combination of artistic circumferential liposuction (LIPO360)and fat grafting. With a narrow pelvis and fatty tissue excess in the torso her body was not proportional.By adding fat to the buttocks and hips and reducing the waist and back, the buttocks has a smoother, rounder more feminine shape giving her better proportion from waist to hips. Note that comparing before to after 6 months, her weight is the same but her waist decreased 4”.

I only wished I had done this sooner!

I am extremely pleased with the results. Staff is amazing. They truly care. They act as if you are their most important patient. The doctor is extremely professional. He is unusual in that he has a strong left (medical/logistics) and right (artistic) brain, which makes him the best cosmetic surgeon in the industry. On top of that, he truly cares about the results and the patient. I only wished I had done this sooner! I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in forever. I feel so much more confident which makes me happier all around.

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