Are New Post-Tummy Tuck Pain Meds Better?
Doctor’s gloved hands framing the face of a young woman

When it comes to recovering from plastic surgery, most surgeons these days recommend some combination of rest, pain medications and treatments to reduce swelling and improve scar appearance. Prescription medications are typically reserved for severe cases of pain due to their cost and the effects they can have on the body. However, new drugs are currently being tested that may offer pain management unlike any drug on the market.


A new drug named TRV130 has shown success in clinical trials at reducing patient-reported pain following abdominoplasty. Developed by Trevena, this medicine reportedly offers relief comparable to morphine and has shown greater effect at reducing vomiting, nausea and breathing problems when compared to morphine.

New Pain Management

While early reports appear promising, TRV130 must still undergo Phase III of the testing process, so until it becomes FDA-approved and put to market, the potential benefits are still unproven. New drugs are constantly being developed that promise better pain relief, fewer side effects and an overall better outcome. While some of these drugs work great, others make claims that make them sound more effective than they really are.

Handling Tummy Tuck Discomfort

Even without new drug therapies, tummy tuck patients have many ways to manage discomfort and improve their recovery. Bed rest accompanied by frequent short walks, icing and tissue massage all have been proven to help facilitate the abdominoplasty recovery process. Prescription medication and a “pain pump” can be used to keep the surgical area comfortable as it heals. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with the instructions, advice and medicines you need for a comfortable recovery.

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