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Experience the benefits of Dr. Ditesheim’s gynecomastia surgery method: Swift recovery without the need for general anesthesia, drive yourself home post-procedure, witness immediate results, and enjoy minimal to no chest scarring.

*Costs are all inclusive (includes surgeon fee, all pre and post-operative care, operating room, anesthesia and first garment).
Grade 4 or more complex gynecomastia costs will be more.


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Gynecomastia Before and After Photos

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  • 25-year-old (5’7″ 183lb) before and 1 month after Vaser liposuction treatment

  • A 29-year-old male who had taken prohormones without a blocker for 1.5 years experienced severe gynecomastia. He underwent treatment with Vaser Liposuction, resulting in a more masculine chest.

  • 16yr young male had persistent gynecomastia after a 71lb weight loss. He was treated with excision of gynecomastia tissue only. The scars are hidden in the inferior areolar border.

  • 36yr male with gynecomastia since puberty. He had occasional nipple and chest tenderness and puffy nipples when warm. He was treated awake, under local anesthesia. A total of 475cc of fatty tissue was removed with Vaser Liposcuction and an additional 90gm of glandular tissue was excised surgically.

  • Gynecomastia treatment with extreme glandular tissue on a muscular chest

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Dr. Ditesheim presenting his Aquashape experience at an international meeting of plastic surgeons in Berlin in 2018.



Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 28 years of experience, offers an enhanced liposuction approach for precision body contouring. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, he uses advanced technologies such as VASER liposuction and AquaShape® liposuction. VASER liposuction employs ultrasonic energy to emulsify fat cells, providing controlled sculpting and skin tightening. AquaShape® liposuction uses a gentle water jet to dislodge and remove fat permanently, offering a unique and less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction methods. Dr. Ditesheim’s approach aims to achieve individual body sculpting goals with over 5,000 successful procedures under his belt.


Gynecomastia Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Enlarged male breasts can be a deeply embarrassing condition that causes men and boys to feel ashamed of their bodies and avoid social situations in which they would normally take off their shirt. Guys with male breasts often hide, socially isolate, and avoid normal physical and social activities due to how their chest looks.

Teens with male breasts feel terribly self-conscious, not understanding what is happening to their bodies. Then, insensitive locker room taunting can completely rob any self-confidence a young man has, leaving him with no choice but to hide and avoid any possible activity that requires being shirtless.

Insecurity persisting into adulthood can mean daily camouflage with careful selection of clothes, insecurity in social settings, and even avoidance of intimacy.

Advanced Liposuction Techniques in Charlotte For Precise Body Contouring

Dr. Ditesheim has multiple advanced liposuction techniques that can help different people achieve different goals, although all of them involve beginning with the end result in mind. All liposuction procedures begin with a tumescent liposuction solution that shrinks blood vessels and numbs the area being treated whether done under local or general anesthesia.


VaserLipo or Vaser Liposuction uses controlled ultrasonic energy to permanently remove superficial fat and tighten skin for precise body sculpting results.

51yr woman 4 months after VaserLipo of the tummy and hips.


Aquashape: (Water-jet Liposuction) Permanent fat removal with a Gentle pulsed water jet. Excellent for Awake Liposuction of one or two areas with quick recovery.

45yr woman 1 year after Aquashape liposuction of the abdomen, back and thighs


High Definition Liposuction is an advanced approach to precise body sculpting. Fat is selectively removed to reveal muscular highlights and anatomical detail.

55yr man 4 months after High Definition Body sculpting with Abdominal Etching.

What Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Charlotte is Right For You?

There are different surgical procedures depending on the grade of gynecomastia. The goal in every procedure is to restore a normal masculine chest.

Gynecomastia surgery for most guys with grade 1 or 2 gynecomastia is either excision of the glandular tissue and/or liposuction of the fatty tissue under the nipple. For grade 3, if the skin has good elasticity, excision of breast tissue will be all that is needed. For grade 3 with poor skin quality or grade 4 gynecomastia, extra breast tissue and skin are removed and the nipple is repositioned.


Gynecomastia Grades

One of the beauties of this surgical lipo procedure is that it can address stubborn fat nearly anywhere on the body. Dr. Ditesheim encourages patients to be open-minded when considering liposuction of one area of the body, as his approach is to consider the whole body contour circumferentially to truly sculpt the figure you want to achieve.

Excess tissue is localized around the areola, causing a “puffy nipple” appearance with a soft-to-the-touch sensation.

Minimally invasive neck treatment with Renuvion and Liposuction: 57yr (5’1″ 130lb) before and 2 months after neck treatment with Renuvion and liposuction under local anesthesia.

For all women, a defined waist is essential to looking beautiful in clothes. Anatomically, the waist is the narrow zone where the lowest part of the chest meets the highest part of the pelvis. This serves as a defining point between the upper and lower body. Excess fat in the waist area causes the “muffin-top”. Selectively sculpting and removing lower back fat defines the waist and shapes the buttocks.

Defining the Waist and Shaping the Buttocks: 42yr (5’5″ 160lb) Before and 3 months after High Definition Liposculpting with VaserLipo and Renuvion. Back fat was removed with circumferential liposuction (Lipo360) and the buttocks was augmented with fat.

Restoring the Athletic Male Back: 59 yr (5’10” 202lb) Before and after 4 months. High Definition Liposculpting restored the V shape to the male back. Love handles are gone and the buttocks was augmented to a youthful shape.

Bra Rolls and Back Fat can be frustrating to embarrassing. Excess upper back fat gets squeezed above and below the bra strap. Using easily hidden 5mm incisions in the armpit or lower back, the superficial back fat can be easily removed. To obtain a smooth back without rolls, the skin must redrape over the back muscles. With age or decreased skin tone, back skin can lose elasticity. To tighten potentially loose skin, Renuvion is used to tighten the back skin. This advanced technology is used after liposuction to tighten the ligaments (collagen fibers) that connect the skin to the deeper muscle layer. Renuvion is used to minimize the appearance of loose skin.

High Definition Liposuction and Renuvion: 47yr (5’6″ 182lb) Before and after 18 months. Back and bra roll fat was removed with Vaserlipo and the skin tightened with Renuvion. Arms were treated with liposuction and brachioplasty ( skin excision).

For men who struggle with nipple puffiness or a round chest from excess breast tissue, it can be hard to feel masculine and confident without a shirt.

Restoring a masculine chest always requires removing the abnormal glandular tissue. High definition liposuction further defines the chest by defining the chest highlights: the hollow under the chest, the lateral pectoral border and the hollow under the arm. Sometimes fat is added to the chest to restore the upper pole convexity. Learn more about gynecomastia surgery.

Treating Male Breasts or Gynecomastia with Liposhaping: 23yr (5’9″ 222lb) Before and 3 months after gynecomastia treatment with VaserLipo and glandular excision under local anesthesia.

Defining the Male Chest and Torso: 27yr (6’1″ 179lb) Before and 5 years after ( wt increased 27lb to 206 with body building). High Definition Liposuction to define the abdominal muscles, arms, chest.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Charlotte?

Dr. Ditesheim knows that everyone wants the best value for their money. And with many plastic surgeons content to diminish or play down patients’ end costs in an attempt to hurry them through their decision to have liposuction, Dr. Ditesheim emphasizes transparency throughout the process.

Liposuction is an investment in your appearance and self-image. For most men and women in Charlotte, liposuction cost ranges from $6,000 to $15,000. The four patients had different procedures and you can see their investment. The investment is given for transparency so you can see the investment together with the surgical result. Each person’s investment will be based on the surgical plan at the time of consultation. These fees are not meant to be a warranty or implied guarantee of any other patient’s fees or investment.

  • Liposuction Male Torso local anesthesia (Investment: $7955)

  • High Definition Liposuction 360 with buttocks augmentation and mini-tummy tuck (Investment: $16,900)

  • VaserLipo 360 with Renuvion (investment: $14500)

  • High Definition Liposuction Male Torso, buttocks fat grafting, Abdominal Etching (Investment: $16,975)

  • Liposuction Cost
  • Lipo of one area under local anesthesia (awake) starting at $6,000
  • Lipo of abdomen and hips with anesthesia $8,800
  • Lipo 360: ( torso circumferential: abdomen, hips and bra rolls) $12,000-15,000
  • Lipo 360 and BBL $15,000-19,000

*Costs are all inclusive ( includes surgeon fee, all pre and post-operative care, operating room, anesthesia and first garment).

Costs presented are accurate for the patients shown. Exact cost of your procedure will be included at your consultation after Dr. Ditesheim examines you.

Liposuction Affordability

Having Liposuction is an investment in your body and yourself. The results will last for many years. We understand that this is a significant investment. We work with two companies that provide third-party financing: Care Credit and Alpheon. Most of our patients who choose to finance will select a 12 month – no interest plan. There are other plans which spread the investment over more time.

Tammy, our Patient Coordinator can help you with the financing options appropriate for you. Call: 704-542-8686.

Lipo Learning Center

What Are the Benefits of Liposuction?

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that provides a clinical reduction in subcutaneous fat. Additional benefits include a tighter, more contoured appearance for a shapelier figure, as well as a healthier lifestyle and improved self-esteem. Moreover, results are usually achieved in one treatment, which is performed with general or local anesthesia. Results are generally permanent, as long as the patient’s weight remains stable.

When Is Liposuction Recommended?

Liposuction is a convenient way for patients to get the figure they want, especially if they struggle with losing weight. The procedure can effectively remove stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to exercise and diet. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ditesheim can let you know if liposuction is right for you.

Ideal Candidate

One way to ensure the safety and efficacy of liposuction in Charlotte is to be a well-qualified candidate for this minimally invasive procedure. Liposuction is widely available to many people who have concerns about specific problem areas or who want general enhancement in their body contour.

A good candidate for liposuction is at a stable weight and has no underlying health conditions that would make surgery risky. Even those labeled as “overweight” can be good candidates in many cases, although Dr. Ditesheim will determine candidacy during an in-person consultation.

Understand that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure, and in order to maintain your results and ideal body weight it is best to get regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

Preparing for Liposuction

Before arriving for your liposuction appointment, Dr. Ditesheim will instruct you on which medications you can and cannot take in the days and weeks leading up to the procedure. He will also instruct you to stop smoking, as this inhibits the body’s healing process and increases the risk of complications.

You will need to arrange for a friend or loved one to drive you home from the procedure, and you will likely need to refrain from eating or drinking for at least 12 hours before your surgery.

Liposuction Recovery

The recovery timeline can vary depending on the extent of your specific liposuction procedure surgical plan. Those who undergo a local anesthetic procedure will likely need less time to recover than those with more extensive procedures under general anesthesia. In most cases, patients can return to light work after about a week or two, but will feel discomfort in the days leading up to this point.

Immediately after surgery, you will have bandages and in some cases drains that Dr. Ditesheim will provide care instructions for during a consultation. Your activity level and range of motion for things like bending over and lifting objects will be reduced until you’re more fully healed. Most Charlotte liposuction patients see full results after swelling and bruising has gone significantly down, usually at around the six-week mark.

Common Questions About Liposuction

Dr. Ditesheim performs liposuction procedures both using local and general anesthesia, depending on the intensity of the procedure and the number of incisions being made.

Visceral fat are deposits of fat deep in the body, covering internal organs. These cannot be removed with liposuction.

If you have body fat that won’t go away no matter what you eat or do, liposuction can be an effective way to permanently remove it.

Liposuction procedures vary widely in their cost based on your goals. For those looking to stick to a budget or treat only one area, liposuction can cost between $4,000 and $6,000. For those who want the most advanced liposuction techniques and the most dramatic transformation, procedures can cost up to $15,000.

No. Fat that is removed with liposuction is permanently gone. However, gaining weight following treatment will cause increased fat stores uniformly throughout the body, which will affect your achieved results.

People who have been treated with liposuction do not lose much weight as a direct result of the procedure. However, many patients experience a boost in self-confidence, helping them get back into a healthy exercise routine to maximize their results.

There is a limit to how much fat can be safely removed during liposuction procedures, although up to five liters may be able to be suctioned away depending on your needs and goals.

Not in every scenario. Using the gentle, efficient AquaShape liposuction device, Dr. Ditesheim can perform minor liposuction procedures without having to put the patient under general anesthesia. This shortens recovery time and makes the procedure more affordable.

At the end of the day, a variety of factors make liposuction performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon safe and highly effective. These include the type of facility, the doctor’s expertise, and the patient’s qualifications for surgery.

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