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Tired of trying to find a bra that will give you the youthful shape you want? A breast lift in Charlotte can help sagging breasts become beautiful breasts by doing away with excess, stretched skin, lifting the breasts into a higher position, and reshaping a firmer, naturally youthful appearance. Even the best bra can’t do that!

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Breast Lift Before and After Photos

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  • Breast Lift after Pregnancy or Breast feeding: Breast Lift with Implant (desired larger breasts)

  • Breast Lift after Pregnancy or Breast feeding: Breast Lift ( no volume change)

  • Breast Lift after Pregnancy or Breast feeding: Breast Lift with small reduction ( wanted smaller breasts)

  • Breast Lift after large Weight Loss (Breast Lift with Implants)

  • Breast Lift to correct large or pendulous breasts (Breast Lift with Reduction)

  • Breast Lift after removing breast implants (Breast lift with Fat grafting after implant removal)

  • Breast Lift after removing breast implants (Breast Lift after removing large implants)

  • Breast Lift to correct breast asymmetry

  • Breast Lift to correct large areolae

Breast Lift Essential Pros and Cons

Scars and types of breast lifts

After undergoing breast lift surgery, the scar types can include lollipop scars, donut scars, anchor scars, and crescent scars. The lollipop scar is the most prevalent, often employed for a standard lift in cases of moderate sagging. Typically, scars tend to fade into a pale, flat line at the incision site. However, the specific appearance may vary based on skin type and post-operative care. Further information on this topic can be found in our learning center.


The starting cost for a breast augmentation procedure is $6,900, covering a one-hour surgery with standard saline implants. If a woman seeks additional customization by opting for two different implants, incorporating intraoperative sizing, and choosing the latest highly cohesive "Mentor Boost" implants, the total investment increases to $9,600. For those desiring a breast lift to address skin or nipple positioning along with the augmentation (breast lift with augmentation), the overall investment is expected to range between $15,000 and $18,000. For an idea of the costs associated with breast lift at Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery, you can click here.


Recovery from breast lift surgery is surprisingly quick for most of our patients. You may have some initial discomfort along the incision line, but the pain is usually mild. You’ll be encouraged to move your arms right away, and patients typically return to work within 1-3 days, depending on the extent of surgery. Dr. Ditesheim usually requests a breast lift patient to wait a few weeks before returning to more vigorous activities. We want to make sure that your surgical experience and recovery is as pleasant as possible. Our experienced staff will provide you with postoperative guidelines and instructions for the most comfortable and successful healing. Our staff is here to ensure that your recovery is a success story waiting to be told.


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What is a Breast Lift or Mastopexy?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to reshape the breasts.  The breasts may be made larger or smaller.   The nipple is positioned at the center of the breast mound.  Excess skin is removed with scars placed around the areola and along the meridian of the breast. (Lollipop technique).

When should a woman consider a breast lift?

A woman may consider a breast lift when she wants better shape for her breast: Most commonly,
Pregnancy, Large Weight loss, Large or Pendulous breast growth, Removing Breast Implants, Severe
Asymmetry or Disfiguring Breast Scars cause changes in breast shape that can be corrected with a breast

After pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts may have lost shape. The skin stretches, the breast volume decreases. This can result in a deflated or sagging breast.

  • a. If there is adequate breast volume, a breast lift can reshape the breast.
  • b. If there is a need for volume, a breast lift with an implant can restore size and shape
  • c. When an implant is not desired, the breast volume can be restored with breast fat
  • d. If the breasts are too large, a breast lift with small reduction can achieve a better size
    and shape.

Breast Lift after Pregnancy or Breast feeding: Breast Lift with Implant (desired larger breasts)

Breast Lift after Pregnancy or Breast feeding: Breast Lift ( no volume change)

Breast Lift after Pregnancy or Breast feeding: Breast Lift with small reduction ( wanted smaller breasts)

After large weight loss ( 40-100+ lbs) the breast skin loses elasticity and the breast volume

a. Usually, there is a need to restore volume and this can be done with a breast lift and implant

Breast Lift after large Weight Loss (Breast Lift with Implants)

With large or pendulous breasts, the areola can stretch, and the breast can create discomfort both from the size and pendulous shape (downward growth)

  • a. A breast lift with reduction can reshape the breast with a more proportional, comfortable size.
  • b. Women whose breasts grew down unnaturally may be good candidates for a breast lift with areola reduction.

Breast Lift to correct large or pendulous breasts (Breast Lift with Reduction)

When breast implants have complications or are just too large after many years, the breasts can become distorted or painful.  There may also be a desire not to use an implant again.

    1. A breast lift with fat grafting can restore shape and size after implant removal
    2. An exchange of implants, either to a smaller or larger size can be refined with a breast lift with implants.

Breast Lift after removing breast implants (Breast lift with Fat grafting after implant removal)

Breast Lift after removing breast implants (Breast Lift after removing large implants)

When the breasts have severe asymmetry from growth or surgery, the size and shape can be very difficult to manage.

    1. A breast lift with an implant or with fat grafting or with reduction may all be used to create better breast symmetry.

Breast Lift to correct breast asymmetry

When the breasts have disfiguring scars from previous procedures usually with poor scarring, a breast lift can improve the breast appearance.

Breast Lift to correct large areolae

Charlotte, NC plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim is a highly-accomplished, certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence.



Dr. Ditesheim is widely recognized as an expert in short scar breast lifts, with a wealth of experience applying this advanced technique to more than 800 women. This sophisticated method not only reshapes the breasts but also minimizes scarring, ensuring optimal results. Dr. Ditesheim’s expertise extends across various situations, including mastopexy after massive weight loss, asymmetry correction, and accommodating a diverse range of ages from teens to individuals in their 60s.

  • Expert in short scar breast lift
  • Performed over 800+ breast lift surgeries

Patient Testimonial

Short Scar Technique by Dr. Ditesheim

Dr. Ditesheim specializes in the breast lift short scar technique, which incorporates two incisions: one around the areola and one vertically from the areola down to the breast crease. During the procedure, a “lollipop incision” is traced around the nipple and partially down the breast.

The nipples are repositioned to give them a more youthful appearance consistent with the adjusted shape. Finally, excess breast skin is removed to make up for lost elasticity. Some of the incision scars will be concealed while others may be more visible. However, the lines do fade significantly over time.

Breast lifts in Charlotte usually lasts 2 to 4 hours, under general anesthesia administered by a physician anesthesiologist to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

What to Expect During Your Consultation?

The procedure is done in the comfort of our private, AAAASF accredited surgical suite. Following your procedure, you will be able to go home to continue your recovery.

Dr. Ditesheim and his experienced staff will provide you with pre-surgical information that includes guidelines about drinking, smoking and avoiding certain vitamins and medications.

Additionally, you may be required to have a mammogram exam before the procedure depending upon your age and medical history. Dr. Ditesheim’s veteran staff has a wealth of experience in preparing patients and families for the recovery process.

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Four Breast Lift Surgical Techniques

Breast lift surgery is a customized treatment, and the most appropriate choices for you will be determined by factors such as your body proportions, the degree of sagging requiring correction, and your unique aesthetic objectives. Dr. Ditesheim is widely acknowledged as a specialist in short scar breast lifts, commonly known as the lollipop breast lift. However, during your initial consultation, Dr. Ditesheim will discuss various breast lift techniques available in the market, as mentioned below.

Short Scar Breast Lift

This technique involves two incisions: a circular one around the outer edge of the areola and a vertical incision extending from the bottom of the areola down to the natural crease of the breast (inframammary fold). The incision pattern resembles a lollipop, giving rise to the nickname "lollipop lift."

Crescent Breast Lift

A frequently used approach to address mild ptosis (grade I) involves a crescent breast lift, also referred to as a crescent lift or nipple lift. During this breast lift procedure, a section of skin above the areola is removed from the upper part of the nipple, enabling the reshaping of the breast and elevation of the nipple.

Donut Breast Lift

Known as a "peri-areolar breast lift," this technique is an excellent choice for women experiencing mild sagging, seeking subtle lifting effects. In this procedure, the surgeon creates a single circular incision around the entire outer perimeter of the areola. Once again, this method yields a minimally visible scar.

Anchor Breast Lift

Characterized by incisions forming an anchor shape, this lifting method is specifically designed for women seeking substantial reshaping to address significant sagging. Referred to as the "inverted T" lift, this technique involves the creation of three incisions.

Charlotte Breast Lift Cost

The price for a breast lift in Charlotte depends on many factors. Three critical factors that affect cost are: 1) How much breast shaping will be needed? 2) Are you getting breast implants too? 3)Is there significant breast asymmetry?

Your total cost includes professional anesthesia, operating room and recovery costs at our accredited surgical facility, and surgeon’s fees. Financing is available through CareCredit®. At your personal consultation, we’ll help you understand your different payment options to make your plastic surgery affordable.

  • $7955 - Breast Lift + MMO

  • $XXXX - Breast lift + Lipo 360 Mommy Makeover

  • $XXXX - Breast Lift and Implant after weight loss

Breast Lift Financing

You have a number of choices when it comes to payment. We accept all major credit cards, or you may pay with cash if you prefer. As part of your consultation process, you will have a chance to sit down and talk with our patient concierge, who can go over all of your options and help you with the planning process.

We offer programs designed to meet your individual payment needs. Payments can be low as $100 per month!


Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the cosmetic surgery industry. With over $5 Billion funded and over 300,000 loan inquiries serviced through their lenders, this is a name and a program you can trust.

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Charlotte Breast Lift Reviews

Discover the feedback from our patients regarding their experiences with our breast lift procedure.

Common Questions About


If you’re happy with the size of your breasts but want them to appear perkier and more youthful, a breast lift is probably the right path. For both increased volume and a more youthful appearance, a breast lift plus augmentation yields excellent results.

Although it’s not unusual to have decreased sensation on the breasts and nipples immediately following surgery, this condition is temporary and feeling will gradually return to normal over time.

In some cases, simply increasing the size of the breasts through augmentation can lead to breasts that sag. To prevent this, implants can be combined with a breast lift for better results.

The best candidates for breast lift surgery are women who are in good overall physical and mental health and have concerns about the degree of sagging in their breasts. Sagging or ptosis, is common among women as they age, undergo weight fluctuations or have gone through pregnancy. Women with moderate to large breasts are especially prone to sagging, although women with small breasts can also benefit from a breast lift. The best breast lift results are seen in women with downward-pointing nipples, excess breast skin or a deflated breast appearance.

Yes. Because a breast lift involves lifting and reshaping breast tissue before tightening the breast skin, the procedure usually also requires relocating the nipples to a naturally central placement.nnFor many women, this is an added benefit of the procedure, because sagging can cause the breast skin to stretch out, often resulting in nipples that are off-center or lower than they should be. In addition, your areolas can be resized if they have become larger than you would like as a result of sagging.

Keep in mind that a breast lift focuses on breast shape rather than breast size. While a breast lift won’t make your breasts any larger, most women feel that their new shape after a breast life gives them a more youthful figure with a perkier bust line. Depending on your goals, a breast lift might be enough to enhance your breasts. For others, ideal results can be created through a combination of a breast lift and implants.

The common approach to take for breast lift surgery is to place the incisions around the areola, extending downward to the inframammary fold, the natural crease below the breasts. This is often called a ‘keyhole’ incision, and allows Dr. Ditesheim to reshape the breast tissue and tighten the skin for the best breast lift results. While some breast lift patients worry about the appearance of scars prior to their surgery, after their breast lift, most patients are so happy with their results that the scars seem well worth it. In addition, the scars from breast lift surgery tend to fade quite a bit within the first couple of years after surgery, and for many, eventually heal to a point that they are hardly noticeable.

Depending on your exact needs, it’s quite possible that a breast lift can help you achieve greater breast symmetry. If you have one breast that is larger than the other, the smaller breast can be augmented or the larger breast reduced. These procedures can be combined with a lift on one or both breasts to create the most natural appearance. The best way to determine your options for asymmetrical breasts is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ditesheim.

You should be able to notice some difference in your breast shape and position immediately after surgery. Initially, your end results will be obscured by swelling or bruising as your body heals from surgery. While most breast lift patients can return to work after only a few days of downtime, your final results will slowly develop over the next several weeks and months as the swelling dissipates and your breasts settle into their new position. At about 6 months following surgery, you should have a good idea of the end results of your breast lift.

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